Rogers Dell Streak training guide surfaces


  • Mendeavor

    Non !!!! Pourquoi pas chez Bell !!!
    PLEASE Bell ! Go with the HTC Desire HD for much competition !!!

  • TomatoGuy

    I advise everyone who is set on buying Dell Streak to wait until 2.2 update is indeed released. Otherwise Dell might never deliver on their promise and you will be stuck with Android 1.6 forever.

  • Jon

    Why any device is still launched with 1.6 is beyond me. They should wait until they get 2.2 or at least 2.1 on there.

  • Regulator

    That think looks like a clone of a Storm / Storm 2.

    Gimme a break dell!

    • Charles

      The Dell Streak is much thinner and longer. It boasts an 800×480 display 5″ display while the storms have 480×360 3.25″ displays – just to mention a few of the differences.

  • Paul

    I will never buy another phone (or tablet for that matter) that only *promised* a future upgrade. Wait and see what really happens!

    Anyway, I am with the first comment (above)… we need the HTC Desire HD in Canada. That thing is the cream of the crop right now. I just hope some Phone company is smart enough to supply it…

  • Taylor

    I trust Dell as I’ve never really had problems with their products, but I would be a little hesitant to buy a phone with 1.6.

    • Carmine

      You probably haven’t read anything on the Dell Streak saga then, lol. I will remain neutral and just say, “look it up yourself”.

      Other than that, Rogers is super late releasing this thing and even Dell was late releasing it in the USA. The streak could have been awesome if it launched when it was suppose to earlier this year. Now, it’s way too late, launching with 1.6 with 2.2 supposedly coming and no idea if it’s update-able to 3.0. I like the form factor, great for web browsing, but late.

      Looking forward to something like the HD7..,

  • Airmin98

    Flash 10 support on Android 1.6? or that’s the hint for 2.2 upgrade..

  • rogersCEO

    As the CEO of rogers , i like to sell handsets that run outdated operating systems and promise upgrades but always under deliver when the time comes. As it saves our company money and we get to take advantage of consumers by purchasing obsolete products at a discount and selling them at an inflated market price. Couple that with high data rates and you have a cocktail for shareholder success!
    Our customers are all misguided suckers and a fool and his money are soon parted. =-)

  • P@

    I have an AT&T Streak unlocked on Rogers and I have to say the device is pretty damn incredible. The screen size makes if extremely versatile for many applications. Even though I have a very powerful desktop PC only inches away, I now reach for my Streak for media, messaging & browsing first… I guess it’s a matter of don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I’ve had a 3GS, 4G, and Desire so I’m pretty well versed…. Also, the 2.2 update from dell is right around the corner… and if you don’t wan’t to wait you can VERY easily install a modded 2.2 in a mere 30min…. Just and opinion from someone who owns one…

    • Hallandale

      a 4G what? Epic? Evo?
      Or were you referring to an Iphone 4? Given the context I’d say so.

      iPhone 4 isn’t “iPhone 4G”. The amount of people who call it 4G really bugs me.

  • Patrick

    I have the Dell Streak on Rogers with 2.1 for months already… 2.2 WILL come out, its confirmed. Also a Unofficial 2.2 firmware is already out in the BETA phase..

    This phone is AWESOME! All my Iphone and N1 friends are really surprised and almost regret not having a Dell Streak!!

    I repeat, its an Awesome machine well worth the extra box is you are serious about mobile communication and entertainement..

  • mj

    those are some of the worst designed slides ever. not to mention the inaccuracy of the info.

    • P@

      Agreed, the slides are hideous… but the info they contain is for the most part accurate.

  • Regulator

    I don’t care about the size of the phone. It looks like a Storm. Dell Sucks!

  • JAWG



    This thing is as good as any DT or better and is so under-rated,although I don’t own one I’ve used one and the quality is amazing…however once you hold one in your hand it’s hard distinguishing if it’s either a Tablet,a Smartphone or somewhere in the middle and it’s takes a little time to get use to…still very powerful and good for everything else.

    I like it!