TELUS CEO is “bullish on the PlayBook”

Remember RIM’s upcoming tablet, the PlayBook? They introduced this to the world on September 27th and it’s been relatively quiet ever since. This came out with a bang and we’re hoping it won’t fade, rumours have it launching in the February/March time frame.

RIM is targeting business users and dubbed the PlayBook as “The world’s 1st professional tablet”. Specs have it coming with a 7-inch LCD display, 1GHz Dual Core Symmetrical Multiprocessor with 1GB RAM, Out of the box support for BES, Front and rear cameras, full web experience and WiFi. This all sounds impressive and TELUS’ CEO also thinks the same. Darren Entwistle was in Toronto yesterday and took some time to talk about the upcoming Playbook, stating it would be a good fit for their business customers and that he’s “bullish on the PlayBook”, while acknowledging Apple’s iPad is “not all things to all people.”

We’ll probably see TELUS (and other big carriers) offer the PlayBook along with monthly plans like the iPad.
Source: The Globe