“City Fido” plans receive a $10/month price drop in Montreal

It must be incredible to be living in Quebec these days as all the carriers are dropping their monthly price plans – competition is more than alive and well there. Videotron, Bell, Rogers, Chatr, Public, Solo all have some sort of “Unlimited Quebec” plan. Now Fido has bucked to their competition and dropped the price of their “City Fido” plan in Montreal by $10 on each plan. Their $30 plan is $40 in any other city and their $50 plan is $60 everywhere else. We’re curious if all cities will eventually get this rate.

Here are the details:
Montreal $30 City Fido includes: 2,000 anytime local minutes, Unlimited Text (within Canada)
Montreal $50 City Fido includes: 4,000 anytime local minutes, Unlimited Text (within Canada)

More here at Fido
(Thanks Raphael!)