“City Fido” plans receive a $10/month price drop in Montreal


  • Cadet

    that is good news… actually seeing price dropping instead of going up!

    hope this will roll to vancouver also(and other beloved canadian cities!)

    keep it up fido!!

  • Z24george

    When can we get some ontario competition, and dont say wind or mobilicity because I tried wind and boy did I get emergency calls not coming through and saving a couple bucks isn’t worth it for me then getting important calls

  • Andrew

    Why don’t they do this for the rest of Canada? O that’s right, they don’t have to worry about the competition in other parts of Canada yet.

  • TomatoGuy

    So Rogers doesn’t want to offer this nationwide? But what can you expect from company that only cares about profits, not customer satisfaction? Wireless fragmentation of Canada is worse than Android fragmentation.

  • winddowg

    fido is nothing

  • Rogerswind

    first of the big 3 to offer free caller id wins

  • Drop in Quebec tooo

    Price drop at 30 dollars too !!!!

  • Endi

    Ohhhh yeaaa, this is starting to make up for all the “available to residents of any province in Canada, excluding Quebec” legal disclaimers

  • Jmmm

    It’s been a while we’ve seen it, but could this be competition?

    Who would have thought.

  • Jmmm


    Videotron as a plan including CallerID, I know it’s not all of them but one is a good start 🙂

  • skware

    the plan actually includes unl text local and international too , its not just within canada .

  • Adi

    Wow, for the first time in 6 years, i see some form of competition in terms of price from one of the big 3 carriers.

    It was back in 2004 when Fido was not yet part of Robbers that pple were last seen getting value for their $ on their cellphone plans. Glad to see that there a bit of hope on the horizon and i hope things will continue in this direction from here.


  • Nick

    Solid. This is how I think phone plans should be priced.

    Unless you need a whole whack of daytime minutes and unlimited incoming calls, Koodo’s social 40 plan still takes the cake as the most value-effective plan I’ve ever seen.

  • Regulator

    This is what’s wrong with the mobile industry. The Big 3 are not treating all Canadians equal. That goes to show that JAWG’s theories are invalid. It must be because Rogers knows that people in the GTA, are especially loyal without reason…See the Maple Laughs!

  • Dh

    Now that’s a deal! $30 pretty much unlimited TALK AND TEXT!

  • JAWG

    Like usual Reg is a total N I M R O D!

    You actually just strengthened my position!

    Everyone knows that politically Montreal/Quebec have always been treated differently in that region for various reasons,why would a company or companies change that unless they were forced to do so…further considering that the Big Three all have about the same rates/plans in Ontario now including the new entrants it shows how badly we need to get rid of the CRTC and push the government to establish better regulations.In short,the Newbies have done very little to create competition as the slight drop in price means nothing,especially Wind with inferior service/a poor network that includes a corrupt foreign backer and if anyone has helped it’s strictly VT in Quebec whic ironically has somewhat higher prices that include the Nexus 1 with hopes of superior performance in the future…so once again you are wrong.

    N I M R O D!

  • Regulator


    Yes I have unlimited service with Wind, thank you very much, working really nice for me here in Hamilton. I wish I could say the same for my Fido plan that used to cost me nearly $150 a month including long distance to Canada and the USA. So how are the rate plans the same crack head? (That Fido plan wasn’t even unlimited)


  • JAWG

    Right…and your Wind service in Hamilton is perfect…okkkkkkk!

    I used the service from Hamilton to Plains Rd West in Burlington to Third Line in Oakville to Mavis Rd in Mississauga to the 407 in Richmondhill and NEVER had that quality of service on an N900.And at last report from a Techie I know he has seen no improvements and in some areas it’s supposedly worse.

    But you have perfect service in Hamilton…Righttttttttttttt!

  • mist

    Seems Public Mobile is hurting Fido,are Fido dealers are going balistic ?

  • JAWG

    Righttttttttttttttt…you have perfect reception/service in Hamilton through the home zone…ok there buddy.

    On Plains Rd West in Burlingtom you’re lucky to get a signal and in Hamilton with the Mountains/Hills you get unlimited with a Blackberry that has known issues.Maybe Fido is more expensive,but please don’t compare the two or say they’re even close…Wind is a low-end provider and it will always be.

  • Regulator

    Yeah I live in Hamilton Mountain. It works fine. I have no issues from here to Toronto. That’s all I care about. There is no reason for me to be on Plains road anyways. I guess you frequent Solid Gold.

  • JAWG


    Again,there is no reason for you to be on Plains Rd in Burlington living on Hamilton Mountain,however you do know where Solid Gold is…Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.And we know why!!!

    Still,the reception with Wind is lousy and maybe you don’t care when you come out of the Strip Club drunk…now that’s the truth Bro.