Rogers comes to the table with their “Unlimited Québec” plan

Videotron, Bell, Solo, Chatr and Public Mobile all have created an unlimited plans specifically for Quebec. Rogers has now done the same.

The plan name is like the other and called “Unlimited Québec” and is available for $62.98 per month or for $52.98 a month on a Bundle model. In order to get the discounted bundle value the fine print states that “Pricing only applicable to residents of Québec with subscription to one of these three combinations: a Rocket hub voice and data plan on a 3-year term, a Rocket hub data-only plan with Rocket stick data plan, or a Totally Wireless Plan on a 3-year term”. Included services are unlimited local and long distance calling in Quebec, Call Waiting, Group Calling and Call Forwarding.

Vidéotron offers the “Infinite Québec plan” for $59.95/month or bundled for $49.95/month
Bell offers their Unlimited Quebec plan for $60/month or you it can be bundled for as low as $50/month.

Check it out here at Rogers
(Thanks Endi!)