Rumour: Rogers to release BlackBerry Bold 9780 in mid-November?


  • Regulator

    I have always like the Bold series but I feel that RIM really needs to make some larger hardware jumps in terms of memory and processing or they start losing more and more of their loyal users. If you look at what is going on globally, with many countries pushing for access to the private user data they are facing some obstacles. I know that my company has chosen Blackberry due to the additional security benefits of data protection.

  • TM

    We can get a better time frame for a phone 2 months from now than we can for the Captivate? Really?

  • sookster54

    November is way too long to wait, there’s already a handful of people using 9780’s as we speak (gsmhookup in Vancouer sells them).

  • Rogerswind

    hope this comes out before the student plans expire

  • David

    I love Blackberry and have had them for years and years. In fact when I started using them they didn’t even have colour screens. I agree with Regulator in that hardware advances would be beneficial however we must remember that Blackberry accomplishes what it is meant to do: keep you connected to the office, read e-mails, open attachments, basic doc & xls formating, etc. It is not a toy (iPhone) it is a tool and should be treated as such. When you add weather apps, games, rss readers, live streams of the NHL, you start to go outside of what Blackberry is (or at least ‘was’) meant to do. If you want a toy, get an iPhone. As for business, my 9700 works perfectly.

  • travis b.

    I will just upgrade my 9700. RIM PLEASE dont make me wait until 2011 for OS 6!

  • saurabh batra

    i m unable to open the email attachments. when i try opening the attachments it show ” more request cannot be completed. service book information not found”.

    so if anybody can help