KPMG: 15% of Canadians have done banking through a mobile device


  • Paolo

    Mobile banking is secure as the major financial institutions usually have their web guarantees. I personally work for TD and our mobile phone banking is protected by the Easyweb Guarantee. The banks would not release mobile banking apps if they were not secure. It could get them into a lot of trouble if they werent and let me tell you, ridiculous testing is done before the release of these apps.

  • DAvid

    As the interfaces to banking improve these numbers will surely increase. I’m way beyond needing a cell phone to check my account balance, and need it, especially when traveling, to make bill payments, transfer money between accounts, confirm buy-sell orders, etc. Were I even more mobile, and at home less, these options would be even more valuable.

  • KV

    From the image attached to the article…

    “pay from checking”!!!!!!

    what is checking??!!

  • Rafi

    This is one of the best features, helps me stay on budget and ensure my finances are in check.

  • Luke

    banking from a mobile device is SECURE? WHAT A JOKE!!!! I don’t think so!

  • Sid

    They should have asked about the data fees for checking your account online from your phone, I’m sure that would have been a bigger concern over security or privacy.