CIBC iPhone app sees over 100,000 downloads in first month… expanded to other smartphones


  • schultzter

    I’ve been using the CIBC mobile banking web site on my mobile phone for some time now – it’s a feature phone, not a smartphone.

    I don’t see what’s so great about an app that doesn’t have to be iPhone specific, that could do everything it has to do as an HTML/WAP site so any phone can access it.

    You got a iPhone app, woohoo! I’m gonna close all my accounts and transfer all my money to CIBC ‘cuz they have an iPhone app!!!

    Oh wait, I don’t have an iPhone! Stop wasting the excessive banking fees I pay creating apps that have no reason to exist!

  • Maxime Audet

    RBC… listen to that and give us an APP please

  • cass_m

    +1 to schultzter. I use the TD bank mobile site. It does all that the iPhone app does and I don’t have to buy an iPhone. Maybe banks should demo their mobile sites with their customers including demos via their regular web banking portals.

  • Antropov

    A friend of mine works at TD Canada Trust told me earlier today that they will be announcing their iphone app very very soon, possibly this week. He said there was an internal memo that also mentioned that a Blackberry app is also in the works.

  • David M

    I use TD on my blackberry … does anybody else find the site to be terribly slow? Doesn’t seem very useful for when you would need to check something on the go.