BlackBerry Torch 9800 gets ripped apart…


  • iphoner

    So, they are using the same processor as the iPhone did in 2007? Sweet, way to go RIM…

  • Terry

    I don’t mind the tech…But for tech that date, the phone should be cheaper with a contract and no contract. Maybe 300 bucks no contract, or 450 and 99 with contracts. I think it would sell better if it was priced that way.

  • Bo

    As much as I like RIM, them being a Canadian company and all, they have really dropped the ball on this one. The specs are way behind on what is acceptable in the ever-changing smartphone market, the not so spectacular screen resolution, the weak processor, even the price isn’t super attractive with a phone that isn’t that full featured. On top of all that, they are selling it in the U.S before Canada, hm, hm, hm.

  • Pi

    Bo – At first I had the same reaction and wondered why RIM would choose a lower screen resolution and weaker processor than its competitors and then it struck me – Less energy consumption and a longer battery life. I am quite certain that much like PCs/Laptops, people only use a portion of their available processing power – the excess is wasted both in processing and dollar terms. The screen resolution is analogous to the processor. Note that competing products are often more expensive.

    Some of you might bring up 3d gaming but that isn’t RIM target audience.