BlackBerry Storm2 9550 finally arrives at MTS


  • wtfbbq

    Eww who would buy anything other than an Android phone nowadays? lol

  • Mike

    pffft the 4 million people who just bought the new iphone would….

  • Mattymo


    apple fan boys and BB users who don’t know that android does everything a BB can + more.

  • Thomas

    @ Mike
    No kidding, but I would still go with android or blackberry personally.

  • Jim

    Yet another rip-off. The hits just keep comin’ 😀

  • Sheldon

    the question is. Who would go to to MTS? They are the last company to upgrade their system in Canada. There customer service is s**t.

  • frank yu

    /\ yeah with 3 million of them returning theres and the other million throwing theres away…

  • Roger Strong

    Who would go to to MTS?

    That would be anyone who want’s province-wide coverage, or high-speed data outside of Winnipeg.

    The only realistic alternative is Rogers, but they only have coverage in the southern half of the province. And unless you’re in Winnipeg itself, they only have low-speed GSM data.

    Telus has essentially pulled out of Manitoba. They no longer offer data outside of Winnipeg – not HSPA, not EVDO, not even 1X. They don’t offer HSPA to Manitobans AT ALL, and they’ve backed away from their promises to do so. They’ve been promising to bring back CDMA data for almost four years, but at this point it seems unlikely.

    Bell isn’t in Manitoba. Nor are the newer providers.

    Unfortunately, MTS only gets smartphones as the other providers replace them with newer models, and even then its a bleak selection. It’s like visiting a garage sale after anything worth buying is gone.

    With CDMA being replaced by HSPA within a couple months – and the CDMA Storm2 replaced by the the HSPA 9800 with a new OS within a couple months, even signing a 12 month contract on a Storm2 seems a silly thing to do.

    And with the Storm2 being $525 on a one year contract, $680 to buy outright, a previous generation phone at a next generation price, they’re pretty much insisting that people go with Rogers.

  • PJ

    Roger got it spot on. They have coverage on their side, but their selection of phones are pathetic and the prices are just effin ridiculous.
    They were supposed to have their new network up in April, we are now in July..
    But if the deal between Rogers and MTS ever comes thru, Rogers will have the same coverage as MTS and that will be the day MTS loses its only competitive advantage ha

  • Serena

    Actually the deal between Rogers and MTS to share lines should be ‘working’ in Sept. As I moved to Thompson, and the only service provider up here is MTS, and I HATE MTS, I’ve been waiting for my blackberry to become useable again. It worked up here a few times this week, and according to second level tech support, the system/coverage should be in place by the end of September.

  • Sumarno

    Very isrepsmed with the phone and the software.Think BB can learn a lot from Apple re marketing and product delivery. When Apple did IPhone4 the Version 4 software was made immediately available. Thanks