Koodo officially launches BlackBerry Curve 8530


  • Michael

    It’s about time!!!! But unfortunately it’s a really ugly phone!

  • Mark

    Congrats Koodo, a step in the right direction however could you consider the two data plans as an option? I think at some point you were considering this. I don’t need facebook, and I certainly don’t need to twatter!

  • R. Rep

    I think the second you bring HSPA to Koodo they would need to introduce contracts of some sort, I mean they would have no leverage over you. You be able to take your smartphone anywhere you please as soon as a better deal arises.

    Just my two cents…

  • Candace

    Just bought the phone and am happy with everything but one.
    NO MMS!!!
    I can send photo’s and video’s through sms! This is the oldest thing for phones to do!
    And dont give me the “Blackberry doesnt support it” Cause I know ppl who have them and can send photo’s JUST fine!
    Koodo I’m paying for this option! FIX IT!