Public Mobile can’t be happy with this: Gov’t says Globalive documents are confidential and “cannot be disclosed”


  • Hub

    The document should be made public since the decision regards a public policy. Note that this isn’t specific to this case and the telco market.

  • Manuel

    I think the courts should release the documents. We all would need to know why wind would have access to foreign money and not any other Canadian telecommunications company. I wonder if any “under the table” funding occurred to overturn the decision. any thoughts?

  • Lexcyn

    Can’t they try and get a FOI request?

  • Nick

    Public Mobile should spend more of their resources sticking to their original go-live plan. The Globalive ruling wasn’t an issue then, so there’s no need for it to be an issue now; especially given that Public Mobile is setting itself to be bought out in the near future.

  • Richard G

    I smell the money trail going directly to the Government. Someone go $$$ in his pockets.

  • Pederson

    How about they just shut up and actually launch? As I see it so far, they’re no different than any other lobby-crazy-carrier.

  • ya think

    Maybe public should myob. In essence it would be like a restaurant having to divulge it’s secret recipe because another company wants to be better competition or because they’re not doing as well. Public is like a whiny tattle tail. Public, shut up and release your brick cdma crap piece of phone. We wanted competition, not some half assed whiny b!t@h like public crying because it’s not fair. You want fair? Stay outta business

  • Mike

    Alex is showing his Bell roots!

  • J. Eng

    You don’t see DAVE making the same complaints. Maybe because Mobilicity actually has a business plan to compete.

    How about PM concentrate on launching their already out of date 20th century technology, while everyone else in Canada has moved on.

  • Moe

    Right now Pubic mobile is only known for this issue only not as a serious new cell phone entrant. If public mobile wants to be taken seriously They should look how Mobilicity is making a name for itself.

    It should focus on their launch and getting better cell phone offerings, because their ZTE has so low ratings it sounds more like a joke than a real phone.

  • Kerpal

    I think the Public Mobile bashers here have missed the point. Alex & his group must have a game plan & launch date in mind… Also, please note that OMERS would not back a company without a crispy clean business plan. The issue here is that alarms should be sounding off at the fact that Globalive can operate with non-Canadian funds and the rest of the bunch are excluded in this cushy arrangement. I know if I were a start-up, I’d want all the benefits that the other guy(s) got too. We must remember that only a level playing field can allow consumers to make a true & honest decision about who their wireless provider will be, I know I will only pick a Canadian one.

  • ya think

    I am sick of the level playing field. A level playing field won’t save me any money as a consumer. I appreciate what Wind did. Look at the problems that they are having when they launched. Now think of what will happen when the other companies launch and don’t have as much money.

  • Serge

    Wait, the Cabinet doesn’t want to release its internal documents? This is stunning.