(VIDEO) WIND Mobile: “Now we’re ready for action!”


  • Justin

    WOO this is awesome, my contract is up and I can’t wait to sign with Wind. Anyone know when they will cover the Vancouver area ?

  • HappyCanadian

    No android, No IPhone, it sucks

    • HappyCanadian

      I might Add, not so happy anymore 🙂

  • nadim

    iPhone could come in 2010 if T-mobile gets Apple to toss in AWS. Would be awesome 🙂

    Great day for Canadians!

  • Stephen R C

    No Android?
    That’s interesting.

    • TNSF

      Because of the spectrum that the new entrants own the handsets available to them are currently limited. This will change over time, but at least right now the most popular and recognizable handsets will not be compatible.

    • Joe8448

      Yes… I sense a disturbance in the force… Like a million gadget geeks crying out in pain! 🙂

    • Joe8448

      BTW, I am one of them…

      I want mah Droooiiiiiiddd!

  • Lindsay

    Oh this is great news! congrats WIND mobile! you guys rock 😀

  • reidjr

    Any idea when it will be avaible in ottawa.

  • pat

    I wanna see their price plan before making any judgement here. let’s see if they will deliver real price drop like that said they would.

  • theninjasquad

    Thats too bad, I was hoping for an Andorid device but I guess it will come with time. Im looking forward to seeing what the plans and prepaid options are going to look like.

  • bj

    As I understand it any handset that works on T-Mobile’s 3G in the US will work on the Wind network. Given that there should be a fairly rapid build out of hendsets.

  • Kmusky

    Surprising that there is no Android. TL seeemed to like androids. Still a Blackberry isn’t bad.

  • Bob Hatanaka

    did anyone catch which BB(s) they are going to have?

  • ku

    Not having neither iPhone or Android does n’t make wind SUCKS, but they really need offer low price badget for both prepaid and postpaid with voice, text and data. 3G+ ( HDSPA ) would be great.

    Hope at leatest they offer great Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola (their latest phones are really cool, currently I am looking for Motorola Milestone from telus.)

  • Mathieu

    Ni iPhone and no Android devices are going to be sell by WIND Mobile but this doesn’t mean that they are not going to work the wireless network of WIND Mobile … so if you’re already have a great GSM phone, you can go to WIND Mobile …
    The main problem is that they’re not covering all the major cities for now … but it’s gonna come in the future …

    • TNSF

      Actually thats not true. Wind uses a different frequency than most current handsets. Users will have to be very careful to purchase handsets that are compatible with the Wind network.

  • Jas K

    Great news, i have been month to month with fido now for 3 months

    ill be jumping to wind

    of course unless Fido offers some unbelievable crazy plan

    Im curious to the Big 3 response, i think come next week we will see some generous christmas specials

    Wind is launching in Calgary and TOronto then Vancouver and some other cities

  • Jason Bayer

    does anybody know what frequencies they will be runing off of? will it be the the North American standard 850/1900 MHz or is it different?

  • Louis Ng

    Great for Canadian! We REALLY NEED more competitions!

  • Mike

    Pfft just unlock your iPhone if you want it on their network ^_^

    • mark

      wind will only have AWS, there is no other band that they are offering. Therefore no jailbroken iphone will work at all. it must have that AWS band for the phone to work. go see T-Mobile USA for phones (look at the 3g ones only). T-Mobile have edge too, but wind wont which is why the iphone works on t-mobile.

    • Mike

      This seems counter productive..

    • mark

      not really, why support old tech? they will upgrade to 4g in time. there are plenty of phones that support the frequency, but i admit the choices are limited compared to the 850Mhz phones.

  • Jas K

    iPhone doesnt work of AWS frequency, but expect prob next summer for Apple to produce iPhones with AWS for Wind and T-mobile

    Android also doesnt work of the network… yet

  • T

    I think everyone is in for a big disappointment. Don’t believe the hype! Congrats to Wind for making it in.

    • mark

      well if the rumours are true and T-mobile USA get the HD2 from HTC, then Wind will steal sales for sure if they offer it too. its easily the best phone out there. So good that Vodafone UK had to hold back sales so they can fulfill their iphone quota!


    if tmobile’s 3G phones WILL WORK on winds network then why woukd you say android phones would not work? you forget tmobile was tha fist in NA with androids? they have 3 now, dream, majic, and moto click Right? and why would these not work?

    i just want to see there rates, and hope there network roll out is Not slow to cover nation wide

  • DaveD

    These guys look suuuuper awkward/nervous…

  • @matahtak

    Oshawa to Stoney Creek? I hope that they can do a roaming deal with Rogers because most newer AWS phones will still have the quad-GSM bands as well. I would like to use a WIND phone in Kingston.

  • Scott S


    Sorry for the yelling but a lot of people posting have been misinformed about the handsets that will work on WIND.

    WIND operates on both the 1700Mhz and 2100Mhz frequencies and any phone that operates on BOTH of the frequencies will work on WIND.

    Just a few handsets that will work on WIND are:

    Nokia N900
    Blackberry 9700
    Huawei U8220 (Android)
    HTC Dream (Android)
    HTC Magic (Android)
    Motorola Cliq (Android)
    HTC MyTouch (Android)
    Samsung Behold 2 (Android)

    I’m waiting for WIND to launch in Edmonton and I’ll most likely be picking up an N900 whether they carry it or not.

    • Mike

      I hope that they do not lock the Hardware, like previously indicated in some leaked or maybe fake slides.