Koodo promo gives free $100 Gift Card, plus $25 off a device


  • Chris

    With Koodo’s paltry handset selection, no thank you. Give me an htc hero or an iphone with Koodo pricing, than were talking!

  • Chris D

    This “paltry” selection is not for the smartphone user, that is not their target. I love having my smartphone but all I really do with my phone is talk and text I opted paying higher price and not get data plan, I would be better off getting a ipod touch for the functionality and have a $25/month plan instead of $50+ depending on data usage. Also futureshop is a $100 gift card with them…

    • Chris

      I 100 percent agree with you that I am beyond their target market; however, if the mass adoption of iPhones and phones running Android OS continues along this path, it may spell the end of the “dumb phone” era. Case in point, it has been reported that Koodo Mobile’s net subscribers has been “way below targets”. That being said the market for dumbphones has reached its saturation point, while the smart phone category is exploding. I would venture to guess that over the next few years consumers will witness a convergence of data and voice plans into one wireless plan. It seems inevetable. Interestingly enough, I thought of ditching my data plan and buying an iPod touch to complement my stellar voice plan, but then I thought about, and said “nah” I just cant live without my web and email access. But hey, now that we will have some wireless competition, perhaps prices will go down and we won’t have to make that choice. PS, iPod touch, amazing media device, with a not so friendly battery replacement. I’ll stick with my all-in-one smartphone that can be whipped back into shape with a 4 dollar battery from ebay. But hey, its all about choice and we are about to get a ton of that! If all you do is talk and text, than ditch that data plan and check out Wind Mobile when they launch next week. They may just have an affordable smartphone and voice combo that will allow you the best of both worlds without putting a dent in your pocket! I know I’ll be checking them out next weeek.