Globalive is Canadian and can officially launch their WIND Mobile brand!!


  • Robert

    Let me the first to say, YAY!

  • mkm87

    It’s going to be a very sad day for Belus and Robbers. 😉 And very good day for their lawyers.

    • TNSF

      Bell, Rogers and Telus are probably pretty happy right now because they got what they wanted.

      1) Delayed Wind launch (although whether Wind was actually ready to launch a month ago is questionable). It was generally accepted that in one form or another Wind would launch so delay was the best outcome.

      2) Eliminate foreign ownership restrictions. This has been the goal of the telecom companies for quite some time and the Industry Minister just handed them exactly what they wanted.

      Additional competition was coming no matter what. The incumbents just made sure it came on their terms. They’re the winners here.

      Canadian consumers have yet to win because nobody knows exactly what Wind will do.

  • reuben

    Finally. Looking forward to the rapid dash to get sales before Christmas!

  • Shaun

    Hi FIDO, time for me to go.

    See ya!

  • AngryChineseDriver

    YESS I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!

  • F. Gajtani


  • Mathieu Petitpas

    admittedly I know almost nothing about the company but competition is always a good thing I look forward to seeing what they have to offer

  • Chris

    Congrats Wind, let the telecom smackdown begin!

  • harley

    its about time they let wind launch 🙂

  • Mike

    Let me be the third person to say Hurray , what a sad they for three big fat cats and what good day for Canadians. Lets see what type of services we will be getting. I am so excited, I can’t wait for them to open their stores….

  • Anmar Oueja

    This is great news indeed. I assume Wind is ready to rock and roll starting today. After all, they had time to prepare.

    Can’t wait to see the new plans and phones. I hope the hype over the past month doesn’t disappoint the future customers.

  • Caleb Rans


  • serans1987

    Finally the end of the big 3’s hold over the canadian market it over. Now in the coming months most of the carriers are going to be dropping prices in anticipation of new competition for them.

  • theninjasquad

    This is awesome… can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

  • Andrew

    Meh. It’s unforunate, but the big 3 can afford to drop prices low enough to drown wind in a hearbeat. Rogers has paid for their network ages ago, and Belus are well on their way. Once they drown Wind, prices will go right back to where they want them to be. The only hope a customer has in this market is a good solid loyalty plan. It’s all about value and longevity. The rest comes and goes.

    • Keith Hamilton

      Actually, Orascom gives Wind?globalive the weapons needed to fight, and win, a price war. Bad for them, but good for us!

    • shaun

      I’ll say a pray for you so that whichever company you work for has mercy on your soul and lays you off after the holidays.

  • Jesse

    🙂 A glorious day for Canada

  • Nas

    Yayyy… goood job wind…today is a good day for canadian consumers, doesnt matter who fights in themselves and the end consumer is gonna be the winner..

  • Claudiu Jernea

    omg YESSSSS
    hope they launch before christmas!!!

  • Julia

    Can’t wait….hopefully they bring out good phones with good plans….Goodbye Virgin Mobile who sold out to Bell……

  • Julia

    Congrats Wind

  • David

    I am so happy right now, I can’t put it into words. My phone just broke yesterday as well, so this is brilliant timing. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Overkill

    excellent. I’m a bit surprised their website hasn’t been updated with phones and plans though. I’d have figured that would have been in the can and ready to go at a moments notice.

    • Mike

      Maybe they have been surprised as well 🙂 still in shock state?

  • Nikki

    Amazing! I’m glad I held out buying a new phone! Can’t wait to see what they offer 🙂 I think they made the right decision, and its obvious that we need a fresh face in the industry to shake things up for consumers.

  • Matthew Hunter @matahtak

    I am so happy and so excited. I have been with Rogers since 2003 and now it’s time for me to switch. I can’t wait for that phone call I have to make to cancel the service. It will be a glorious F U! 😀

  • Kyle


    this is wicked
    just shows you how corrupt the CRTC is and it was all internal

  • Jason

    Globalive is all out for the consumer? Their Canopco division will charge outrageous rates for calls from hotels, eg: $30 for 2 minute call home..

  • Larry

    This is GREAT news,The big three have been ripping off customers for far to long.They can only blame themselves.

  • edmund wentworth

    Hello Fido, goodbye Fido and i wouldn’t want to be u Fido..

    bye, bye.. and i’ll pay my own way out of this damn contract…

    see ya…

  • Chris

    WOW, well I get 3G on my Nokia N900 now, can’t wait…poor poor Rogers, went down 4.5% this morning on the TSX Boo Hoo to you guys, all I can say to them without swearing is bye, bye. See ya never want to be with ya again.

  • Preet

    Finally a good company launching to change the Canadian Wireless Industry..

  • shaun

    Hi bell, peace the eff out!

  • DavidE

    First, a monopoly is 1 company, not 3, so all of the geniuses that keep saying monopoly can stop.
    Second, the same f*cktards that are saying that Wind will change the world will be the same ones bashing the service issues in 12 months.
    Third, the only company that Wind will really do wonders for is the websites talking about telcos.
    Telcos are telcos and they’re in it for a dollar, not for ideals like increased competititon. Case in point, if Tony-whatever-the-hell-his-name-is is so hooked on additional competition, how come he is so tough on Dave and Public entering the marketplace?

    • HappyCanadian

      People always complain, we wont first what we don’t have, then we want it cheaper and no matter if provider can do it cheaper. this is our nature.

    • shaun`

      why is he bashing dave and public? First of all, it’s not that hard of a name. Second, dave and public are starting half assed companies that will probably end up being bought out. Thirdly, they didn’t support wind even though they are in same boat. Clearly if they have the same ideals, it would have been smart for dave to jump on wind’s back so they could merge in the future.

  • Ma$taBla$ta

    im sure bell, telus and rogers already have plans rdy to suppress companies like wind. wind will be operating at an economic loss for a while they will be vunerable. dont get me wrong i hope wind succeeds so we can end the cartel

  • Aj

    Like what Andrew posted earlier, “The only hope a customer has in this market is a good solid loyalty plan. It’s all about value and longevity. The rest comes and goes.”

    Although it’s nice to see more competition in the industry the best thing a customer can do now a days is stick to a good solid plan and continue from there. People are expecting this to drastically change the wireless industry well….that is to be determined but imo I agree with what andrew posted, but I know most of you will view this differently so flame suit on….

  • DaveD

    Woo-hoo! Thanks Clement for selling-out Canada – this has huge implications… This implicitly allows wacky foreign ownership structures for all telcos.

    Expect Bell, Telus, Rogers to be acquired by foreign telcos within the next 12-18 months, and jobs to be exported soon after…

    • Maha Vailo

      I believe that Tony Clement said that this was a “one-time” decision. Note that government overruling are not similar to court decisions in that it can set precedent.

    • DaveD

      Are you kidding me? Of course this has set a precedent; when the legislative arm of the Government varies the law to satisfy political objectives, you’d better believe there are legal implications… Foreign ownership guidelines are effectively dead… bring on the foreign acquisitions!

      Upcoming 2010 Headlines:

      “Verizon Communications makes hostile, all cash bid for TELUS”

      “AT&T Accquires Rogers Communications Wireless Assets”

    • HappyCanadian

      this has huge implications?????

    • shaun

      ps dave, their jobs were already exported to other countries. Please pay attn!

    • Brian

      Yeah maybe the big 3 can export their call center jobs overseas.

      Oh wait, they already are. You’re an i***t.

    • DaveD

      Shaun, Brian –

      Do you homework; Canadian Telcos employ THOUSANDS of Canadians… Telus has 30,000 employees, of which 800 are overseas (Phillipines).

    • shaun

      Dave, pls comprehend what I wrote and your own comment. 800 are overseas – you. Jobs were already exported to other countries – me. I thought what Brian said was a little too crass about the i***t thing. Then again if it walks like a duck.

  • TNSF

    This is isn’t the end of the drama. This decision was not based on law, it was based on politics. Now the government has left itself open to legal action by every telecom company in the land.

  • Matthew

    This is a great day for common sense, competition and lawyers.

    And DaveD I assume you mean Bell and Telus will now outsource MORE Canadian jobs and all three will continue to lay off MORE workers.

  • Scott Laird

    Complete farce. Now that the precedence has been set canadian ownership laws and guidelines are now only a suggestion.

  • Chris

    As a mobile enthusiast, I am delighted that competition is coming to Canada. I am however have learned from experience that being an early adopter is not without risk. That being said the incumbents are at this moment scrambling to train all of their frontline workers on positioning against win and will likely have new loyalty plans in the works for those ready to jump ship. As a client of one of the incumbents, I am no stranger to price gouging, but when you are with a company for a long period of time, you demonstrate loyalty and earn leverage. As much as I want to sail away with a wind mobile phone, ill wait until the other two entrants join the market and first adopters have had an opportunity to assess the reliability of wind mobile and the other new entrants. The party is just getting starting. I’m just gonna sit back with some popcorn and watch the telecom smackdown. Come January, you better believe my carrier will be getting a nice phone call…hello xyz ive been your client for over a decade what will it take for you to keep my business?

  • globalive_is_not_canadian

    I`m telling you, if those guys are canadian owned, I’m a zebra. Been in their office multiple times, and never met one single canadian… all egyptians….

    • Brian

      So which of the big 3 do you work for?

    • shaun

      I don’t really care if they’re run by aliens. As the video says, they needed a partnership to become a viable competitor. Not some fly by night operation like dave or public. Do you work for csis or something?

  • Samia

    Congrats Globalive! Sounds exciting but is WIND going provide service in Saskatchewan? Saskatchewan needs more competition.

  • Jason Elias

    I live in Quebec and i know we wont be getting wind just yet but i have to say this is great news for WIND. Hope you guys do well and come to Quebec soon.

  • Alex

    Finally! Congratulations WIND Mobile!

    Now we need to get used to saying BIG 4 instead of BIG 3! 😉

  • DaveD

    The number one language spoken at WIND Mobile is Arabic… but it’s a Canadian company, we promise.

    The thing with WIND is that it’s not intending to export jobs outside of the country; it already has. The network and the brand were built entirely by foriegners…

    • really now?

      so are you suggesting that they’re going to kill us all with the signal? It took some foreigners who are experienced in wireless to help out and to make a good network. I’m pretty sure the other companies did the same. Also, what country are you living in? The country is comprised of foreigners. In fact, it was foreigners that pretty much built this country. People use foreign help everyday, they are called consultants!