Breakdown of the TELUS “Clear Choice Rate Plans”


  • Zachary TG

    I see that their is no plan update for the $45 a month data, calling and texting plan. I was hoping it would be $50, but any news on it?

    • Zachary TG

      OMG, I just noticed it’s the first one. My bad!

  • neptune229

    Wow. I really hope these plans are fake and we all get a “better” surprise tomorrow.

  • Randy

    These plans are beyond pathetic.

    So, even at $100/month, they’re still going to nickle & dime you for caller ID?

    Wow, three national carriers now “competing” with the same network capabilities and phones, and not a decent plan among all of them. Very sad indeed.

  • choss

    TBH, not too bad, however as usual all plans are missing call display (extra +$5). Likewise, evenings could be earlier and text messages included, but you can’t win it all. Anybody know if the data allows for tethering?

  • Tom

    Can I use a ‘smartphone’ plan with a ‘feature phone’?

    A lot of the feature phones are good 3G phones with a fair bit of functionality so there should be a ‘feature phone’ plan that includes data.

  • Arshad Kazi

    It’d be nice to know what the data addon for smartphones would be. I hope it’s around $15 ’cause then that’d be AWESOME!

  • Colin

    Very disappointed that Caller ID is not included. And free calls from 9pm is a joke.

    The big 3 have come out with pretty much identical plans, not much to choose from. This was their last chance before the new competitors come in, and as far as I’m concerned they blew it.

  • telussucks

    Beyond pathetic. Basically the same as existing plans after all said and done. Anything to make their filthy shareholders happy.

    Hope that Clement piece o’work does something to bring the Wind into town. I’m sick of getting gouged.

  • Mike

    Forget the BIG three, wait for Dave Wireless. Maybe they have some good plans. These Plans sound very much like the old one. $65.00 gets you only 1 GB of data. In U.S.A you get unlimited aka 6GB of data. CRTC are you listening???!!!!!!

  • Eric

    Being an existing Telus customer I was anticipating the new network/phones/clear choice plans. Now that the plans have been released I can honestly say I’m disappointed. Why in 2009 is it still taboo to include caller ID? Looks like Telus just lost a long time customer.

  • someone who knows better

    I feel sorry for people who think wind mobile, a brand of globalive is really out for your best interest. What dreamland are you living in?

  • TNSF

    The data plans still have low data buckets, but I think this will change shortly as the impact of Bell, Telus and Rogers all having HSPA+ settles in.

    The additional per MB rate is quite reasonable in Canada. But US roaming is still pricey and international data is just INSANE.