Everything you should know about the Bell AppleCare Program


If you’re thinking or already have purchased an iPhone from Bell, you might want to consider getting AppleCare.

This gives you an extension of the standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty by another year (and also Apple’s 90-day comp troubleshooting service). Of course, this comes at a price and below is part of the internal doc we’ve received (Thanks to “Informer”).

Have a look over… it’s always good to be informed especially when you buy an expensive piece of technology on a 3-year contract:

AppleCare Program
AppleCare is an exclusive protection plan specifically designed for iPhone clients and backed by Apple.

AppleCare extends the standard 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty period by one additional year and the 90-day complimentary troubleshooting service offered by Apple is also extended.

As Smart/Phone Care will not be available with the Apple iPhone, Bell and Apple recommend that clients purchase AppleCare with their new iPhone and take full advantage of the coverage and peace of mind the plan provides.

AppleCare comes in a white box and includes:
• Activation key and registration instructions
• Getting started guide
• Terms and conditions

Compatibilities / Eligibility
Note: The client’s registration in AppleCare, or their eligibility to register, can be validated by visiting https://selfsolve.apple.com/GetWarranty.do.

Participating Submarkets
• Bell Mobility Alberta
• Bell Mobility Atlantic
• Bell Mobility British Columbia
• Bell Mobility North
• Bell Mobility Ontario
• Bell Mobility Quebec

Enrollment and registration
• The AppleCare Protection Plan is available through Bell retail locations and on apple.ca.

• Clients can purchase and register for AppleCare:
– At time of their iPhone purchase, or
Within one year (up to day 364) of their original iPhone purchase. No visual phone inspection is required.

• Clients must register their AppleCare plan and IMEI with Apple for their coverage to begin.

• Coverage begins once registration is completed.

Client positioning
• Peace of mind: Apple builds iPhone, the operating system, and many iPhone applications to work together. The iPhone is a truly integrated system, and the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone is designed by Apple to help the client get the most out of their iPhone. Whether the client uses iPhone with a Mac or a PC, just one phone call can help resolve most issues.

• Should the client’s iPhone need service beyond the 90 day complimentary period and the client has not purchased AppleCare, the client can call, Bell Client Care. If an advanced replacement is required, it can be set up on the same call.

• Quality and convenience backed by Apple:
– Delivers award-winning technical support
– Provides a convenient toll-free telephone number
– Permits transfer of the plan between owners

Apple iPhone Repair Program
Date: November 4, 2009

With the introduction of the Apple iPhone, Bell is offering an “Advance Replacement” repair program to support its iPhone clients that require in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs.

Program details:
• Bell will support Apple by facilitating Apple’s standard one-year hardware warranty for iPhone clients.

• New iPhones sold by Bell also include a complimentary 90-day troubleshooting from Apple. Clients must be reminded at the initial point of sale that Apple offers this expert support.

• As an integral part of the iPhone sales and activation process, the extended 2 year AppleCare Protection Plan should be offered for sale to all iPhone clients. For more details, see AppleCare program.

• If clients suspect they have a defect that requires replacement, they can:
– contact Apple for assistance by phone,
– visit Apple’s website ( http://www.apple.com/ca/support/) for troubleshooting information or the location of their nearest Apple store,
– if they choose to visit an Apple retail store, they must make an appointment for assistance in person, or
– contact Bell Mobility Client Care for assistance by phone.

• All replacement requests initiated through Apple Client Care or Apple retail stores will be completed outside of RTIS through Apple’s own system. All replacement requests initiated through Bell will be completed by Bell Mobility’s Client Care team.

Billing the client for repairable damage or accidental damage

• If a client sends in a defective unit with either repairable damage or accidental damage, Apple will determine the condition of the unit and will charge Bell for the replacement, if applicable. The Technical Solutions team within Bell Client Care will then bill the client the matching value directly on their monthly invoice.

• Replacement charges will not be credited back to the client, as the condition and charges associated with an iPhone are assessed by Apple and are considered firm and final.

Replacement units
• Upon completion of an RTIS replacement order by the Technical Solutions Desk, a replacement unit will be shipped to the client from Unigistix by the following business day. Shipping timelines will vary nationally, but clients should receive their replacement device within 3 business days at the latest.

• Clients will then reuse the box from the replacement phone and the provided prepaid waybill to return their defective unit to Unigistix. A letter with instructions for the client to follow will be provided with the replacement unit.

• The client needs to ship their defective unit back to Unigistix within 5 business days of receiving their replacement. Otherwise they risk being billed late fees from Bell on their monthly invoice (up to and including the full value of the unit).

• Once the defective unit is received at the warehouse, Unigistix will note RTIS and ship units back to Apple in regular shipments for inspection.

Damage type
(additional details can be found on the Visual Mechanical Inspection sheet in Knowledge Base):

• Minor damage (no charge):
– Debris under display glass
– bright or dead pixels
– back housing cracks

• Repairable damage (flat fee of $229 plus applicable taxes):
– liquid damage
– corrosion damage
– multiple display fractures
– damaged dock connector
– power key damage
– deep gouges
– puncture holes
– speaker or microphone contamination
– extreme abrasion
– bent enclosures
– audio jack with foreign material that cannot be removed

• Accidental Damage (Full value of the unit plus applicable taxes):
– disassembled unit or missing parts
– catastrophic damage or unauthorized modifications
– counterfeit or non-OEM parts

• Full value charges at launch will be:
– 8GB 3G – $513.00
– 16GB 3GS White – $603.00
– 16GB 3GS Black – $603.00
– 32GB 3GS White – $693.00
– 32GB 3GS Black – $693.00