Bell to allow HSPA devices to be unlocked

bell-unlockWith Bell’s announcements that their new HSPA network launching in November and the addition of the Apple iPhone to their line up there are certainly many reasons to celebrate.

To date we’ve heard the following devices will also be launched on Bell (I’ve put link to the original posts): BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry 8530, Blackberry Bold 9000, Nokia N97, Nokia 2730, Nokia 6530, LG Xenon, Samsung Omnia 2, Samsung T746, Novatel HSPA Turbo Stick.

We are still waiting on a few more devices before we post them up, but those are some strong additions!

More news for those who travel overseas… a leaked screenshot shows they’ll be giving issuing unlock codes for their devices. However, there are a few “important things to know”: must have an active account that is greater than 30 days old; will still be responsible for their contract; and will be charged a one-time fee on their monthly bill.

No word on what the “one-time fee is”, hopefully not too high. This new HSPA network for both Bell and TELUS will be a game changer here in Canada. Add all the new carriers like WIND, Dave Wireless, Public Mobile and Videotron… big things will be coming down the pipe. (Also, you’ll notice on the screenshot a snazzy of the Omnia 2)

Via: HoFo & BGR