WIND Mobile commercials target current carrier fees

As we wait patiently for the CRTC to give Globalive the green light to officially launch their WIND Mobile… it seems they are living the words from our interview a couple weeks ago with Chairman Tony Lacavera: “We are absolutely undeterred and moving ahead”.

A new campaign has found it’s way online that’s directly aimed at the current carriers, specifically their fees. Three videos titled “Hot Dog Fees”, “Sidewalk Toll” and “Bike Lock” gives a bit more insight into how they might be making the “customer billing experience” simple and hassle free.

The description for each video gives further insight also:

Hot Dog Fees: “You wouldn’t pay extra fees on a hot dog. Why pay them on your wireless bill? No extra fees.”

Sidewalk Toll: “You wouldn’t pay for something that should be free. So why do you pay activation fees and other stupid charges? No made up fees.”

Bike Lock:“You wouldn’t want your bike locked up for three years. So why get locked into a wireless contract? Don’t get locked in.”

They are all pretty hilarious videos… check them out here: