Coming Soon: “BlackBerry Sports Challenge”


Today I checked out the “Win With BlackBerry” site and found a new promotion they will be launching soon. It’s called “The BlackBerry Sports Challenge” and no other details are listed except for the dates:
Regular Season: August 4th – August 24th
Final Round: August 25th – September 5th.

I could be way off here, but if you look really closely at the image it appears to have a couple thumbprints on the bottom center field. Perhaps BlackBerry Users will be able to go head to head in real life competition.

With this contest they will be expanding their social reach even further. RIM recently promoted the upcoming U2 Mobile Album, started a blog called InsideBlackBerry and launched the official BlackBerry community called MyBlackBerry. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming BlackBerry Sports Challenge!