Alberta welcomes new “Push-to-Connect” focussed Airtel Wireless

airtel-ratesAlberta-based Airtel Wireless is the new name in town as they have somewhat launched a wireless network that will offer “Push-to-Connect” services. They have partnered with Motorola to offer its lineup of iDEN handsets. Although no handsets are currently listed on the Airtel website, you can expect some of them to be the Motorola i9, i335, i365, i365IS, Motorola Clutch i465 (coming to the MiKE Network soon), i605 and the i850.

Airtel has teased Albertans a bit as they have posted their rate plans online and stated they will give customers “Low Flat Rate. No surprises on your bill”.

They include the “Cell and Push-to-Connect” with 3 colours to choose from:
Black Plan gives you 750 minutes for $40 per month
Orange Plan gives you 1750 minutes for $$75 per month
Black Plan gives you 3000 minutes for $99 per month

In addition, their “Push to Connect” has 2 choices:
Private Calling is unlimited for $25 a month
Private and Group Calling is unlimited for $30 per month

Merle Isaacson, president, Airtel Wireless said “This new Push-to-Connect service provides a great boost to productivity and efficiency in the workplace, especially for companies that need to stay in touch with their employees out in the field or on the go. With Motorola’s network, devices and applications such as NetDispatch Messenger, which turns any Internet connected computer into a two-way radio, Airtel can now provide this new service, along with text messaging, voice mail and unlimited group calling at one low monthly price to our customers in Canada.”

Visit Airtel Wirelss here