Omnia appears on Samsung’s Canada website


  • David

    Don't forget TELUS will also be launching the device VERY soon.

  • criminalogic

    hey david.. its says that in tha article if you you read…lol

    as much as i hate samsungs.. have had so meny problems with them..and have sworn to never buy a samsung again.. i dont think i want a Non windows phone again, so dont think i will want tha palm pre.. and as much as i would love to only use HTC's i doubt i will ever see tha HD or Cruse in canada letalone CDMA… i just may go for tha OMNIA.. with WM.. 5 MegaPixel camra.. optical mouse.. and wegits..etc it will be tha best device in canada..

  • Brenden

    damn. This makes the wait for the niagara that much harder

  • theninjasquad

    I guess we'll have to see if Bell butchers this Samsung smartphone like they did with the Instinct. Bell has kind of tarnished any Samsung phone that they offer now after that fiasco.