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TELUS HSPA training started… it’s a “whole new world”

telushspa-primerThis is certainly exciting news! With the new HSPA network announced a while ago we’ve heard of several devices that TELUS will be launching… earlier this week we heard that employees started training and a little confirmation is a good thing!

A screenshot of the actual e-training manual has been captured and is conveniently titled “HSPA Primer… Introduction to a whole new world”. It goes on to say that “In October 2008, TELUS announced it would build and launch a new network on HSPA technology… This e-learning course, HSPA Primer, will begin to build your understanding of all things HSPA as we prepare to roll out this exciting new network. By the end of the training you will be able to:

- Define HSPA and CDMA
- Demonstrate the key differences between 3 TELUS networks and apply them to client needs
- Describe SIM cards
- Describe international roaming under HSPA

Still no word on the exact launch date but rumours are flying around to be the end of October, specifically the 28th.

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SaskTel releases eco-friendly Samsung Reclaim


For those who want to become a bit more green in Saskatewan you’ll be happy to that SaskTel has officially released the Samsung Reclaim.

This is the device that’s made from bio-plastics from corn and 80% of it is recyclable. Overall dimensions of 92.8 x 59 x 15.5 mm, weighs 110 grams and come in Ocean Blue and Earth Green. This has a 2.4 inch display (resolution of 320×240), a slide-out 4-row full QWERTY keyboard, MP3 Player, 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, hold up to 16GB with a microSD card, 3.5mm headset jack, messaging options (IM, text and picture, plus e-mail), built-in GPS, web that displays full HTML pages, 1000 mAh battery.You can get the Reclaim on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $59.00
2-year contract: $109.00
1-year contract: $179.00
Prepaid/Monthly: $235.00

More here at SaskTel


TELUS BlackBerry Storm 9530 “Item not available”… Storm 2 on it’s way?

telus-stormA few weeks ago TELUS put the BlackBerry Storm 9530 on sale for a cool $99.99 on a 3-year contract. Looks like that was a good move for them as when you go to their site and try to purchase one online you’ll get the message “Item not available. An item (handset, rate plan, service or accessory) that you’ve selected is no longer available. The discontinued item has been removed from your shopping cart”.

So does mean that the Storm 2 is launching soon? All signs are pointing to the short answer of yes… but if you’re still itching for the original 9530 you can walk into your local TELUS location as some store do have stock available. (more…)


Upcoming BlackBerry 8530 shows up in Bell’s inventory… $499 no contract?


We’ve previously seen the anticipated BlackBerry Bold 9700 show up in Bell’s inventory system, but with their new network launching shortly a screenshot of the anticipated BlackBerry 8530 has now popped up!

In addition, it looks like we’ll be able to get this on an outright price for $499.00… this will probably change as Bell loves having the last couple numbers to end with 95 cents.

The Curve 8530 will have the new trackpad, a 320 x 240 display and 2-megapixel camera. Still no word on an official launch date or other contract pricing. (more…)


Interview with Tony Lacavera: “We are absolutely undeterred”

Coming off the last few days of being questioned from by the CRTC and the incumbents (TELUS, Bell and Rogers) about their equity, debt and who actually controls their organization, Chairman of Globalive (parent company of WIND Mobile) is as usual incredibly enthusiastic and very optimistic about the future.

We sat down with him this morning for a brief conversation where he said “the only intervenors were the incumbents, there weren’t too many, in fact any Canadians showing up saying we don’t want to see Globalive offering a new choice in wireless”.

The CRTC stated they will present their final decision if Globalive will be able to launch or not at the very latest by October 23rd.

When it comes to the Wind Mobile brand launching, Lacavera said “We are absolutely undeterred and moving ahead, we have a great team on the ground building the network… we plan to launch mid-November. As I said earlier we won’t launch the network until we’re very comfortable that service is going to be solid, that the offering is ready and the network is ready. So were are going full speed ahead in those 5 launch cities Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver… We may delay the launch but it won’t be because of the incumbents or the CRTC.”


Rogers releases Nokia E71 with Nuance’s TALKS Software to help those with vision loss


Back in July the CRTC mandated the wireless carriers to request that wireless companies offer at least one type of cellphone to serve the needs of people who are blind and/or have moderate-to-severe mobility or cognitive disabilities by October 21, 2009.

Konrad von Finckenstein, Q.C., Chairman of the CRTC said “We understand that Canadians living with disabilities have increasing needs as communications technologies become more prevalent in our daily lives. The measures announced today are an important step in making it easier for them to use the latest communications services.”

Today Rogers has announced that the Nokia E71 is now pre-loaded with Nuance’s TALKS software. This will give those who are blind or have vision loss the ability to have their displayed messages converted into speech (such as any text messages, contacts, caller ID).

This is available at Rogers for $99.99 on a 3-year Voice and Data contract and only comes in Grey.


TELUS rolls out “Device Protection Plan”


A few weeks back we let you know that TELUS was implementing an insurance program called “Device Protection Plan”. Good news for those who want to have something passed the manufacturers warranty as this service is now available.

The service is not handled by TELUS, but by a company called Asurion who is apparently “a trusted leader in technology protection”. Basically it cost you $7 per month (plus tax and can be canceled at any time without penalty) and covers you if your device is lost, stolen or sustains some types of damages not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. With something of this nature you must read the fine print (and there are pages of it). It says “When a service request is approved, there will be a replacement service fee of $40, $80 or $150 depending of device model involved in the incident.”

The turnaround sounds quick as they say “you’ll receive a comparable replacement model, typically 1 – 2 business days”. However, in the FAQ section it states that “Our goal is to give you the same make and model that you purchased. We may fulfill service requests with like- kind and quality devices of the same or newer model. As a result, colour, brand, model, features and accessory compatibility are not guaranteed.” (more…)


Rogers HTC Dream now $0.00… hello Revolution!

htc-fs-0If you’ve been holding out a bit longer to get your hands on the Android-powered Rogers HTC Dream… you best be walking, biking, driving over to your local Future Shop as this is now $0.00 on a 3-year contract.

In the past the best price we’ve seen is $79,99, $49.99 and even as low as $29.99… but free is always good! Think that’s a good deal, how about them throwing in another $50 accessory credit for you. Now this is the Revolution we’ve been waiting for.

The sale ends October 8th and the Dream is available in Black or White.


Reminder for 1pm today: BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac available


Not that any Mac user who has a BlackBerry needs this gentle reminder… today at 1:00 pm EST make sure you visit this link here and download your copy of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac.

RIM says that in order for this to run you’ll need your Mac to have an OS higher v10.5.5 and your Berry running BlackBerry OS 4.2 and higher. Features are that “you’ll be able sync your iTunes playlists and personal information like contacts, tasks and appointments; install new software, games, and more. BlackBerry Desktop Software will offer the best of both worlds by allowing you to manage aspects of your BlackBerry smartphone from your Mac.”