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Rogers to launch LG GT500 Puccini?


You can mark this one down for the rumour of the day, but it looks pretty solid as it’s coming straight from the LG site.

According to a working URL it that point to an xml file shows that the LG GT500, otherwise known as the “Puccini” will eventually make its way over to Canada (probably called something different).

I did some research on this and the LG GT500 Puccini will be launched by T-Mobile this summer. Specs on this are a little bit like the Secret. It’s slim, only 12 mm thin and weighs in at only 86 grams. Comes with a 5 megapixel camera (autofocus and flash) with video recording capabilities, GPS. Also, this touchscreen has a screen size of 3 inches with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels.

Time will tell… for now, here is the working URL with Rogers attached to it:


Thanks Mark!



Video Review: OtterBox Curve 8300 Impact Series

Even though RIM has released the new Curve 8900 this has not stopped OtterBox from developing the 8300 Impact Series Cases. With millions of Curves out there I’m sure these cases will do very well.

If you are prone to dropping, scratching or get a lot of dust on your device, the Impact Series is so incredibly simple to protect your precious berry. This case only fits the 8300, 8310, 8320 or 8330, not the 8350i. This only comes in black, weighs 85 grams and keeps the style of the Curve in tact by having easy access to the headphone jack, sync/charge jack, speakers, microphone & camera. This costs $19.95 (USD) and can be purchased through OtterBox or any store you frequent.

Check out this video here (more…)


Dilbert feels our “phone rebate” pain

dilbertcomicimageThere is something about those mail-in rebates or in-store rebates that’s always questionable. They somehow always include some sort of fine print. Perhaps it’s just to get us into the store only to be upsold on something we actually will never need or use.

I believe this Dilbert comic sums it all up and possibly could alleviate the rebate frustration with a bit of humour: (more…)


Fido promotes Moto Renew at Green Living Show

If you make your way to the Green Living Show in Toronto this weekend, not only will you be amazed to see how many companies are doing green initiatives… but you’ll also be able to get your hands on the recently launch uber green Moto W233 Renew.

This is the phone that’s Carbon Free and made with recycled water bottles. To entice people over to the booth they were asked to fill out a sheet and give all your personal info (most likely to be contacted by a Fido dealer to sell you on a new phone), then you got to pick a box from the wall of boxes to get a chance to win a water bottle or a coupon for $50 off a Fido product.

In case you are touched by this story and want to do good for the environment, the prices for the Renew are: $0 on 2-year agreement and $65 Regular price / Prepaid

The Moto W233 Renew weighs in at 83 grams and has overall dimensions of 110.9 x 14.7 x 45mm, comes with music player (dedicated music key) with 2GB of removable memory, 2.5 mm earphone jack, a screen size of 1.6″ (128 x128 resolution).fidogreenshowimage2


Virgin offers 50% of Prepaid phones, gives away $10k


Vigin Mobile situated themselves today in Dundas Square in Toronto to promote their new Paycheck offer.

In true Virgin fashion they caught people’s attention, not zsimply people the promoters we half dressed but becuase they were giving away up to a ripe $10,000. All you needed to do was enter your name and wait. Also, if you buy a prepaid phone they will give you 50% off.

Not a bad deal, the catch is that you have to go to the following Toronto locations: Virgin Mobile Booth (Atrium on Bay), Best Buy (Younge/Dundas), Tbooth (Eaton Centre), Future Shop (Younge/Dundas) and Wireless Wave (Eaton Centre). (more…)


Public Mobile: No Bill & “You will see us in Strip Malls”

publicmobileimageIt’s been a very long time since Public Mobile made a public appearance, actually since they officially launched on February 5th. Yesterday, Public Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic talked with Howard Green of the Business News Network (BNN) about what we should expect in the coming months from them.

Public Mobile spent $53 million in last years Spectrum Auction to become of the new wireless carriers in Canada. With a tagline of “Everybody Talk” they are looking to launch in Q3 with an offering of a $40 monthly “unlimited flat-rate talk and text package, with no term commitment, no credit checks, no fine print and no surprises”.

In the interview, when asked if Public Mobile is going to be the carrier that people go to when looking to trade down, Krstajic stated that Public Mobile “could be that, but I think first and foremost we are going to be the cellphone company for people who really feel that today there isn’t really a choice for them. A lot of the 30% plus Canadians that don’t have a cellphone are value conscious and they cannot afford the unpredictability of bills that we see today in cellphones and the cellphone world, not knowing if it’s going to be 50, 100 or $150… In fact, we’ll have no bill! Why would need a bill if it’s $40 unlimited talk and text? There is no need for a bill, it’s part of how we drive the value piece of this.”

Also, Howard Green asked Krstajic “Are Canadian cheap when it comes to cellphones?”, in response he said, “I don’t think Canadians are cheap, I think the penetration is low because there hasn’t been an alternative like Public Mobile. In the United States you have companies like Metro, Leap, Revol… they become the supplier of cellphones to the working class, the value conscious segment.”

“What about your network, how reliable will it be because people pay for reliability” Green asked. “We are going to actually have a network that is as reliable as others, it won’t be able to do all of the data and video the incumbent netoworks can do, but it will be every bit as reliable. We have the benefit of being the last guys in so we can deploy the newest technology at less than half the cost.” said Krstajic.

When Public Mobile actually launches he said “There will be a lot of places to get a phone from us, we will be where our value conscious segment lives, works and plays. I don’t think you’ll see us in the traditional high-end malls because our segment doesn’t actually shop there. I think you’ll see us do some very interesting things on distribution, it’s a bit of the secret sauce… you will see us in strip malls, yes”.

Sure sounds like Public Mobile is ready to rock, the latest technology is questionable as they’ve bought the very limited and unwanted “G Band” spectrum, plus there will be a fair amount of competition with other Talk and Text alternatives such as Koodo, Virgin, Solo, Fido and eventually Globalive.

Watch the interview here

In addition, a couple other key segments on the show.
Iain Grant, Managing Director, Seaboard Group here
Jamie Chadwick, Managing Director, Save Cell Communications and Howard Chui of Howardforums  here


Shortcovers continues to grow: 160 countries with 10,000 registered users in 2 months

shortcoversimagesAfter 2 months of officially being in business, Shortcovers has changed their pricing structure, opened up a developer program and reported the following statistics for their mobile bookstore app:

Users in 160 countries including USA, UK, Australia, India, China and Canada;  Over 100,000 people have tried Shortcovers and 10,000 registered; average purchase purchase is just under $10 USD; the most popular purchases are the Twilight series and Outliers.

Michael Serbinis, CIO & EVP of Indigo Books & Music said “We’re pleased with the response to Shortcovers in just the first two months, and are learning more every day about what our users want out of a mobile destination for ebooks, magazines and newspapers. Far and away, our biggest successes are our global reach and platform diversity. We thought iPhone would dominate downloads, but we’re very popular on Blackberry and Android.”

Nice to see another Canadian company doing well! (more…)


Best Buy extends crazy pricing: Storm for $49.99, 8900 for $0!

bbcrazypriceimageRemember that glorious story we wrote a couple days ago about Best Buy putting the Storm, Curve and Dare on sale at unheard of pricing? It seems they have extended this past the new store Grand Openings and given us Canadians a reason to believe that great prices do exist!

Available this weekend and in-store purchases only, you can walk into your local Best Buy and snag a Bell BlackBerry Storm for $49.99 on a 3-year plan (a $30 monthly Voice and Data plan is required). A Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 for $0.00 ($ 45 monthly voice and data plan for 3-year contract). Also, you can get 2 Telus LG Dare’s for $49.99 on a 3-year share plan and as a bonus they will give you a free Acer netbook (value of $400). One more deal to speak about…the recently released Koodo Samsung M540 Slyde can be yours for $0.00 and they’ll give you a $100 Gift Card.

All these must be on new activation only. Crazy comes to Canada!


TELUS asks CRTC to look into Globalive’s foreign investment

teluslogoGlobalive is set to enter the Canadian wireless market Fall of 2009 (national in 2010) in the following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa offering fixed monthly plans with no contract targeting the 16-60 year olds… this has TELUS a bit worried as they have requested the CRTC to “immediately initiate” another peek into Globalive’s $700 million foriegn ownership, possibly delaying plans to launch on time.

Back in April of last year Globalive got Egyptian-based Orascom Telecom to come on as a parter and take a 20% stake in the business. According to the Canadian Telecommunications Act this is the maximum amount allowed by the government for foreign investors.

Fast forward to March 16th, 2009. This is the date that Globalive issued a statement saying they have “officially been issued wireless spectrum licenses from Industry Canada”. Even Globalive CEO Anthony Lacavera said “We worked closely with Industry Canada throughout their detailed review and are pleased to be moving forward with this exciting project.”

Telus said they know that foriegn organizations can own 20%, but are unsure of how much particiaption Orascom will have on a daily basis. Michael Hennessy, VP of wireless, broadband and content policy for Telus said “In Telus’s view, a more fulsome and transparent review is required in order to ensure that all similarly situated carriers are being treated equally and fairly”.

In response to the inquiry, Lacavera said “We’re very comfortable that our submission is comprehensive and obviously we’ve passed the Industry Canada process because we got our licences.”

Via: Toronto Star
Thanks Nadim!


TNS study shows Canadians more positive and want better cell plans

bobanddoug1The latest study by TNS Canadian Facts shows that regardless of the current economy, us Canadians actually are more positive than negative. It could be that we tend to take a bit longer to make our minds up, but their stats show that 39% of us are neutral about the current state and 37% are moderately negative.

Rhonda Grunier, VP of TNS said “One of the consequences of the prolonged economic downturn is that consumers have made reductions and shifts in their purchasing patterns. More specifically, while Canadians have experienced a measure of success in cutting some expenses, particularly in the areas of discretionary spending, it is evident that they are still looking for additional savings. Top priorities for future savings are most noted in the areas of banking fees, TV and cellphone subscriptions.” (more…)