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Toronto Eaton Centre gets an iPhone app

eatoncentre-iphone-appIf you are visiting Toronto or just love shopping then getting the Toronto Eaton Centre iPhone app will be right up your alley.

This free app gives you access search to all the stores and get their latest promos, store hours and contact info. It actually looks pretty cool when you go into a specific store and see what they have going one when it comes to sales. The app also gives you a floor by floor view so you can navigate your shopping experience store by store.

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TELUS named in “Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures of 2009″

canada10Another day, another piece of recognition for TELUS. This time its for being one of “Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures of 2009″… and the only telecom company named.

Recruitment firm Waterstone Human Capital put the list together after doing a survey of 500 senior Canadian executives who were asked to nominate a Canadian organizations they most admires for having a “corporate culture that impacts performance”.

The top 10 in alphabetical order, are: Acklands-Grainger Inc., Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, Ceridian Canada Ltd., Corus Entertainment, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, GoodLife Fitness, Medavie Blue Cross, Starbucks Coffee Canada, Telus, Walmart Canada (more…)


Bell Q3 results: “Record quarter” as subscriber base reaches 6,707,000


Bell has reported their Q3 numbers and according to George Cope, President & CEO he states they are coming off a “record quarter” and that they are “fundamentally transforming as a customer-focused competitor”. Here are some highlights from the report:

- Client base grew by 4.0% year-over-year to reach 6,707,000 at the end of the quarter.
- Record Q3 gross activations of 501,000 new subscribers (14.1% higher than last year)
- Total net activations of 135,000 (15.4% higher than last year)
- Postpaid net activations of 122,000 were a Q3 record (8.0% higher than last year)
- Prepaid net activations were 13,000 compared to net activations of 4,000 a year ago.
- Operating revenues increased by 0.3% to $1,178 million this quarter (more…)


Rogers launches “Rocket Hub”, creates WiFi party for 15

rogers-rocket-hubRogers has officially launched their “Rocket Hub”, this is the product that gives you a wireless or voice connection when you can’t find one. Rogers describes this Ericsson product as “Just plug the Rocket Hub into any power outlet and create a Wi-Fi spot connected to the Rogers Wireless Network and enjoy internet connectivity for up to 15 computers at one time”.

These are still finding their way into Rogers locations, but more can be found here at Rogers. The “Rocket Hub” can be yours on the following price plans:
2-year contract: $149.99 (there is no 3-year contract)
No contract: $399.99

Voice and Data Pricing:
$50.00 up to 3GB of data
$60.00 3GB to 5GB
$75.00 5GB to 10GB

Data only (Flex Plan)
$35.00 0 to 3GB
$45.00 3GB to 5GB
$60.00 5GB to 10GB

From our previous post, here is a breakdown of some important info:
- Data will also flex on your usage, voice won’t flex as it’s local UL
- You get unlimited voice minutes for local calls
- You can get unlimited Canadian Long Distance for $20.00
- The SIM card will be locked to the unit
- International roaming and voice minutes are disabled on these accounts
- The hub needs juice, so it’s a fixed installation. If the power goes out the net/phone does not work.
- There will be a battery pack as an accessory coming
- the hub is cellular voice, not VoIP of the next UMA
- the Hub doesn’t require a cable / DSL connection
- the Hub has standard network jack so you can hook up non WiFi devices directly to it to have data access
- Device is optimized for 10 devices, but can and will take more as long as the connection and network can take it
- it’s a 7.2Meg compliant device


Vortex Mobile hires former Nokia Exec as Managing Director

s_logoVortex Mobile, the one’s who have created many great mobile apps, contests and recently ranked 17th in Profit Magazine’s Hot 50 for Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies, has brought on Kamar Shah as their new Managing Director.

Shah comes to Vortex with over 15 years experience in mobile services with his last stint as the Global Head of Industry Marketing at Nokia. He’s worked for some of the biggest brands such as Universal, Sony, F1 and Viacom.

Kamar Shah, Managing Director, Vortex Mobile said “Vortex presents the perfect opportunity to deliver the types of mobile consumer propositions we have been talking about for years. We’re going to recreate the media toolkit and build meaningful consumer relationships that incorporate mobile messaging, mobile Internet, advertising, ecommerce and social media application development. (more…)


Video: Bell Samsung Impact Review

One of the new devices to hit Bell’s new HSPA network is the Samsung Impact. This is a cost effective device that can really do it all.

There are many great things to say about the Impact and only one objection. So let’s start with the simplistic design of the Impact. There are minimal keys (call end/send/power, volume rocker, lock and one-touch button to the camera) and the shape reminds me of a puffier and chunkier Instinct. Overall dimensions are 108.5 x 53.6 x 13.9 mm and has a weight of only a 105 grams. The best part is the 3-inch touchscreen, this has a resolution of 240×400 and it’s honestly one of the most responsive touchscreens out there. Also, you’ll see in the video that the accelerometer is also top notch, especially when viewing web pages.

The backing has a grid like design to it and adds some needed flare to the Impact. Under the back cover you’ll find the 1200 mAh battery that will give you just over 4 hours of talk time. In addition, under the battery is where you put your SIM card and the microSD (this can hold up to 16GB of additional memory).

The call quality was clear, no dropped calls during our testing period. When it comes to the features of actually using the Impact, this runs off of Samsung own UI and comes pre-loaded widgets (similar to when the Omnia first launched). These widgets are on the left hand side of the touchscreen and can be dragged on to the Imapct’s desktop for your personal customization. There will be more widgets available for you to download in the future and this can be considered the closest thing to downloading apps.

To access the key features of the device you can use the main menu button. You’ll see here everything you’ll ever need: e-mail, text/picture messaging, IM (Yahoo! and Windows Live), access to the 3.0 megapixel camera (video capabilities), contacts, music, web and all your phone settings and tools.

A quick rundown of the web. With the large 3.0-inch screen and its high resolution using the web on the Impact is a great user experience. You can thank how responsive the screen. The page loads fast and has many options to view in several ways: zoom in and out, accelerometer.

I said at the start that there is only really one major fault with the Impact. For listening to music you will have to use their proprietary connector, it does not come with a standard 3.5 mm headset jack. Nothing big but there was certainly space to add it and would have made it a better device with it.

Overall, the Impact is a great device and can really do everything you possibly want. It’s priced right and has a very responsive touchscreen. This is available at Bell on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $79.95
2-year contract: $129.95
1-year contract: $229.95
No contract: $279.95


LG works with GelaSkins to pimp out your phone


LG wants you to look your best and apparently separate yourself from all the other off the shelf coloured devices. From looking at the dedicated site, they have struck a relationship with GelaSkins that can see you put either hundreds of their images, or upload one of your own image and truly personalize your phone.

The cost is $14.95 and once you submit your order it should take a couple days for your new skin to get to you.
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Video of how Nokia sees life in 2015

Nokia is one of those mobile manufacturers that truly embrace their customers feedback and believe ideas are at the forefront of making bringing people together. Nokia has put together a short video of what the year 2015 might look like… and how thousand of people will be connected to the “Nokia Data Cloud”

They state “Although clearly just concepts at this point, the devices shown in the animated video paint a picture of how we’ll be using devices and services. Connecting to TV, so we can share TV watching experiences with people on the other side of the world, or even using the mobile device as a projector. Contextual awareness plays a big part too, with the device working together with the cloud, both pulling information down to the device, and also sending information back.”

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Public Mobile creates blog and starts building relationships

publicmobilePublic Mobile is one of the new wireless carriers that will be entering the Canadian market, most likely within weeks. They’ll be offering a flat rate $40 unlimited talk and text plan to those in the Ontario/Quebec regions… the only device they have revealed to date is the entry-level ZTE C78.

It seems they have started a blog of sorts to start building a relationship with potential customers. In their first post, CEO Alek Krstajic stated “What all of us here at Public Mobile want most is to be a company that matters to you. We’re working hard to give you something of real value, and know that keeping your business means treating you like a real person. We have set up this blog to allow people to ask the team here at Public Mobile questions, share ideas and tell us what is important to you. We will let you know about what we’re up to, and what we’ve got planned for the future… What would you like to talk about today?”

In addition, check out these videos that give a bit more insight into the people over at Public Mobile:

More here at Public Mobile


Rogers, TELUS attending invitation-only Future:Mobile 2009 conference

future-mobile-2009-topNikos Katinakis, VP, Strategy and Technology, Rogers Wireless and David Neale, SVP, Products and Services, TELUS have been invited to attend the Future:Mobile 2009 on December 1st, 2009 in Silicon Valley.

This is reserved for 200 senior executives and “is a one-day, invitation-only forum that catalyzes information exchange and deal making between private companies, public companies, investors, and service providers in the wireless industry.”

Wonder how come Bell was not invited?
More info here