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Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate officially available to pre-order

After a few days delay and a bit of teasing… Canadians can now pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate from Rogers. This will retail for $149.99 on a 3-year contract, plus those who do pre-order will be given a Bluetooth headset and entered into a contest to win some Samsung technology. In addition, the pre-order offer expires October 20th, 2010.

Go forth Canada… check out the Captivate here at Rogers
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Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 available September 30th… plus a BOGO offer for Quebec only?

Following up to our post last night about the upcoming Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800. An update has just been posted on their company blog that states “We’ve been informed that the Canadian launch of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 has been changed to September 30″. There are no reasons of what caused the delays for this arriving in Canada. Bell and Virgin are making this available on October 1st and one would believe TELUS is included in this. We revealed the price points will be the following with a monthly voice and data plan :

Outright $609.99
1-year contract: $559.99
2-year contract: $529.99
3-year contract: $199.99 (promo)

However, a more interesting story is developing and the carriers continue to show the love for Quebec. It seems that a BOGO (Buy One Get One) promo offer is happening for those customers/potential customers who live in Quebec. The 3-year contract price is the same at $199.99, perhaps it just means that “BOGO” eligible customers will be able to pay the $199.99 promotional price for the device.

Check it out after the break.
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Fido Acer Liquid E training docs leaked… will be “upgraded to Android 2.2″

Fido will be releasing the Android-powered Acer Liquid E soon… a very exciting device that will kick their lineup up a notch. At launch it will run off OS 2.1 but thanks to one of our tipsters the training docs shows this will be “eligible to be upgraded to Android 2.2 when the software comes available”. Certainly good news for potential buyers.

As for the target market, Fido states that “This device is for users who put functionality first; this is likely not their first smartphone but they are drawn to the hardware specs. Existing Fido customers who want to increase their usage from voice and text to data usage and are keen to try Android 2.1 OS with its rich features and user friendly interface”. Specs have the Liquid E coming with a 3.5-inch display (800×480), 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, full HTML browser, GPS, Bluetooth, and holds up to 32GB with a microSD card (comes with a 2GB card). Price points are expected to be $50 on a 3-year and $350 no-contract.

In addition, you can see that they are comparing this to the iPhone iOS and BlackBerry 5 OS. Check out all the slides after the break.

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Bell comes out with “Unlimited Québec” plan

The battle in Quebec recently heated up with Vidéotron launching their new 3G+ network. They came out with a selection of 9 devices (12 in total when you consider different colours) and a few different monthly rate plans.

One of the plans Vidéotron offers is called “Infinite Québec plan” for $59.95 per month by itself, or you can bundle it together with other services and get it as low as $49.95 per month (when you bundle up to 3 services) Included in this Infinite Québec plan is:
- local and long-distance calling anywhere and anytime in Québec
- Unlimited incoming text, photo and video messages
- Call waiting, Conference call, Call forwarding

Now Bell wants to keep a tight hold on their market share and have created a new monthly rate plan conveniently called “Unlimited Québec”. This has to be bundled and is for $50 per month and includes:
- Unlimited local and long distance calling in Québec
- Call Waiting, Conference Calling
- Unlimited text messaging can be put on the the plan for $5 a month

Bell states that this plan is “available to residential customers in Québec with all four services (Home phone, Internet, digital TV and wireless (post-paid), with select plans”

For those located in Québec how are you liking the new wave of options available to you?

UPDATE: Bell sent us a note stating that the customers who want to sign up for the Unlimited Quebec plan can do so without bundling. They will be changing their website soon to reflect this. Straight from Bell here are the details:

NEW* Regular price point for rate plan: $60/month
Bell Bundle discount (for Mobility): -$5/month
*NEW* Additional Bell Bundle discount when bundled with all four services: -$5/month
Net Pricing: $50/month

We also have an add-on feature specific to this rate plan only, which is Unlimited SMS for $5/month (we use our regular legal disclaimers in regards to what kind of SMS are included/excluded).

More here at Bell & Videotron


Analyst: RIM is building 2.5 million BlackPads for Q4

RIM is expected to announce their tablet device at their 2010 BlackBerry Developer Conference next week. Analysts are speaking out on this possible new venture and if it’s a good move. Analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro of Susquehanna Research said that RIM is building 2.5 million “BlackPads” for Q4 and but it won’t be rivaling the Apple iPad or Samsung Tab for the consumer market, but shifting towards the enterprise market. Fidacaro stated that “I question the use case for the Blackpad as RIM lacks access to content. And the device appears to be designed to tether to a Blackberry not standalone 3G baseband.”

Jack Gold, another analyst said that “I have no doubt they can design a pretty compelling environment for a tablet… Many companies are looking at deploying tablets for their workforces. If a RIM tablet comes in as a secure, manageable device, like the BB phones, and companies want to use a tablet, then the RIM device could have an edge in the market for business users (not necessarily for consumers).

Rumoured specifications of this RIM tablet (possibly named “BlackPad” or “SurfBook”) have it coming with a 7-inch display, up to 2 built-in cameras, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Would you be into a BlackBerry tablet that’s only focused on business? How much would you pay for one?

Source: eWeek


WIND thanks the heavens that Blockbuster Canada operates independently from the U.S.

Blockbuster Canada sent out a press release today that stated their “Business Is Profitable” and that Blockbuster Inc. out of the States is filing for bankruptcy. “Blockbuster Canada is not part of this legal process in the U.S. and is not impacted by it. All of Blockbuster Canada’s operations are conducting business as usual.

This is good news for WIND Mobile as Blockbuster is a major part of their distribution channel. So if you’re planning on getting the upcoming Android-powered Motorola XT720 from WIND you’ll be able to walk into your local Blockbuster and grab one.

We reached out to Tony Lacavera, Chairman of WIND Mobile, he stated that “We are happy with our relationship with Blockbuster Canada and we plan to keep building the partnership. The challenges in the US business are not affecting the Canadian operation, but clearly their business model is evolving and in our view this makes Wind a great partner for Blockbuster Canada as well.”

Source: CNW


ING DIRECT Android app now available for download

ING recently released their iPhone and BlackBerry mobile banking app and now they’ve announced that it’s available on Android devices. The app is free and the features are basically the same as the iPhone and BlackBerry where customers will be able to check account balances, review transactions, transfer funds, locate ABMs, get directions and hours of operation, plus communicate directly with ING via their Twitter account. You can download this via the Android Market, just search “ING Direct”


Rogers Torch 9800 will “begin arriving” on September 27th, online ordering available on the 24th

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is coming to Canada, just not as fast as expected. Bell and Virgin have pushed this back until October 1st, TELUS has remained silent on the matter and Rogers has stuck to their guns about launching on the original date of September 24th.

Thanks to one of our tipsters for letting us know about an internal bulletin that went out tonight. Here’s the deal. Rogers will launch the Torch 9800 on the 24th through online ordering but the physical device will not be available for sale at retail locations. The Torch will “begin arriving” at stores during the week of September 27th and units will be in short supply but stores can take orders.

Pricing is as follows:
Outright $609.99
MTM SRP $559.99
1 Year SRP $559.99
2 Year SRP $559.99 (voice only)
2 Year SRP $529.99 (voice+data)
3 Year SRP $499.99 (voice only)
3 Year SRP $449.99 (voice + data)
3 Year SRP $199.99 (promo v+d)

**Promotional price available to 3 year Voice and Data activations with a minimum combined monthly service fee of $45, or 3 year Voice Plan & 3 year Data Sharing Plan, or 3 year Voice & Data Sharing Plan or 3 year $40 Blackberry Social Networking Plan.

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Confirmed: “HTC Desire upgrade to Android 2.2 coming in October”

Earlier this week we let you know that the TELUS HTC Desire was going to be upgraded to Android 2.1 sometime “mid-October”. For those who have this beast of a device you’ll be happy to know that TELUS has now confirmed and put an update on their site that states the “HTC Desire upgrade to Android 2.2 coming in October”.

Only a few weeks away now…
Check it out here at TELUS


When Public Mobile launches data will Chatr follow?

At the end of 2009 there was a total of 23.8 million wireless subscribers in Canada. 5.2 million people (22%) had a smartphone with the remaining having some sort of talk/text plan. A recent study showed that Smartphone/data device subscribers will represent 31% by the end of 2010 and then 60% by year-end 2014. Also, the number of wireless subscribers is estimated to be 32.5 million by 2014 (19.5 million Canadians will have a smartphone). So you can see the trend is dramatically increasing and we’re adopting smartphones at a staggering pace.

Of course the big carriers like Rogers, Bell and TELUS offer customers a selection of smartphones. Majority of their flanker brands also packed their lineup with a smartphone and have strikingly similar monthly data plans. Take TELUS’ Koodo Mobile, they launched their service back in March of 2008 with a laser focus on being “Canada’s decidedly different, pay for what you need wireless company” with only talk and text plans. They’ve seen their customer base demand smartphones and have acted accordingly by adding them to their lineup.

Let’s shift to the Public Mobile and Chatr Wireless. During the wireless spectrum auction Public invested $53 million and captured a reach of 19 million potential customers in Ontario and Quebec. From the beginning Public stated they will offer Unlimited Talk and Text plans to Canadians that don’t have a cellphone and are “value conscious”. Rogers new über discount brand Chatr Wireless is similar to Public as they offer no contract, no credit checks and Unlimited talk and text plans. Chatr operates their service in 6 cities across Canada (Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal).

What does Public and Chatr have in common? They are currently the only 2 carriers who don’t offer a data device. However, this is about to change for one of the carriers: Public Mobile. (more…)