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Video: Upcoming BlackBerry 9300, 9670 and 9800

Here’s a great way to start today off! How about a good rundown of some upcoming BlackBerry devices. Salomondrin has got his hands on 3 of the unreleased devices: 9300, 9670 and 9800. The 9300 is the updated 8520/8530 with 3G. The 9670 is the Clamshell that we’ve seen before in videos… and finally the 9800 Slider gets caught on video again with a bit more of the new BlackBerry 6 OS. No word on when these are hitting Canadian shores… but if you had a choice which of these would you go for?

Source: Salomondrin
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Twitter for BlackBerry ditches beta, now official

Twitter for BlackBerry was released in a public beta a few months ago but it’s offically shed the beta terms and gone official. The overall feel of the app is the same and includes features such as the ability to follow friends, get instant updates, edit your profile from your device profile, view mentions, reply and re-tweet, post a link, send direct messages, take pics, create and manage lists.

New features since the beta launch include:

  • Quote Tweets (editing retweets)
  • Auto Complete for @ usernames
  • View Photos from Yfrog & Tweetphoto
  • View Geotagged Tweets
  • Report as Spam
  • Personal Info Guard
  • Hotkeys for Navigation

Get it here from the BlackBerry App World
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Mobilicity releases Option Data Stick 452… make sure you stay within the coverage area

Mobilicity has officially released the Option Data Stick 452. This can be yours for the decent price of $99.99. You’ll have to sign up for the $40/month plan that gives you Unlimited internet in the Mobilicity coverage areas… basically it ranges the Mississauga to the Scarborough, Markham areas. If you leave this coverage areas you’ll pay roaming charges. (more…)


OS 2.1 upgrade for Rogers HTC Magic currently in testing… “anticipate end of Aug” release

The Rogers HTC Magic was one of the first Android-powered devices to come to Canada and has had a fair share of troubles. It was briefly pulled off the shelves for an urgent 911 fix and then renamed the Magic+. Now there’s some good news for owners as an upgrade to 2.1 is in the works.

On Twitter, RogersMary stated that “Okay Magic fans, I have an update for you! Rogers has received a draft OS 2.1 Magic upgrade from HTC”. But this does not mean that it’s coming soon… We’re in process of testing. No solid release date as that depends on Google’s approval as well. We anticipate end of Aug but plz stay tuned”. (more…)


Calgary man racks up $8k bill while visiting France

These kind of stories will never get old. Another mobile user who has racked up a bill while ravelling overseas. This time it’s Calgary resident Jason Boutang who went to France between June 1-7th to see some of the local attractions. He pulled out his Virgin iPhone and started to use a translator app to help him out. In addition for some reason he also decided to stream a Calgary rock radio station and send a number of text messages.

This is all good and very handy but the downside is that Boutang didn’t get himself a roaming data plan before he left… so he get’s home to find his bill totaling a whopping $7,763.70. Ouch! Even though he was there for 7 days Virgin saw his bill increase and shut it down after 3 days.

Boutang says “I opened my e-bill and fell over. I had to get three other people to look at the screen to make sure I read it right. It’s criminal… They (Virgin) said, ‘pay up, every penny … you went outside your neighbourhood, you pay the price”.

Virgin’s spokeswoman Erica Faltous said “We do our best to have warnings in place but we are looking into it to see if there’s some way we can help out”. Over the 3-day period Faltous said Boutang used about 130 megabytes.

So not Boutang has ditched his iPhone and says “it’s a nice ornament”. He’s switched to a Rogers Prepaid device and filed a complaint with the CRTC about why Virgin representatives said nothing to him about roaming packages.

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.
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Update from August 20th, 2010: For some reason we received an e-mail from Jason Boutang. It stated the following:

“Hello Kate O’Brian this is Jason Boutang the guy you obivously like to run down because your Article is no where near the truth. You remind me of a ex girlfriend that had the same name as yours always like to pick out the negatives and not the positives so im going to fill you in on whats what. My contract with rogers is a month to month one ( It’s not pay as you go). For the data I used in France would of costed me $420 on the rogers network and when I asked them they where straight and up front with me No!! Virgin run arounds I like dealing with adults rather than kids So thats what it costed me for the Data and to kiss Virgin Goodbye I don’t think I will ever go back. Maybye If the kids are more competent or Virgin and big brother Bell do something diferent then the other 2.”


SaskTel to go live with 3G+ network August 16th, 2010

SaskTel has just announced that they’ll be launching the “first phase” of their 3G+ network as a “technical trial” for select employees. This trial will last for 6 weeks and will “resolve any technical issues prior to a commercial launch”. For the rest of us we’ll have to wait until August 16th, 2010 as this is the consumer go live date.

When it comes to coverage, SaskTel states that “customers in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Weyburn, Yorkton, Swift Current, Prince Albert, North Battleford and most of the connecting highways” will get access. In addition, 3G+ will be available province-wide by the end of 2010.

They are still in talks to bring the iPhone 4 to their network but confirmed that they will launch with the BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Pearl 9100, Nokia 7230, Nokia 6350 and a Novatel MC998D USB data stick.

Robert Watson, SaskTel President and CEO said “We want to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality network to our customers so we are beginning our deployment with a technical trial. The 3G+ network build is one of the biggest network projects in SaskTel history and our employees have gone above and beyond to deliver it in record time. This initiative is a significant network project as it ensures a smoother transition to fourth generation (4G) wireless technology known as long term evolution (LTE)”.

For those who live in these areas… is this what you were waiting to hear?


Bell delivers the CFL live to your mobile phone

Bell announced that they’ll stream live CFL games to your smartphone. The partnership is with TSN and includes all 2010 regular season and playoff games produced by TSN and RDS. Of course this is not a free service and Bell customers will have to pay $8 per month plus data charges for Mobile TV access.

Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility said “Our partnership with TSN and RDS means Bell clients can access the best of Canadian football on their smartphones and see how watching live sports just got better.” (more…)


CAA releases the “CAA Roadside App” for iPhone

Just in time for the Summer road trips CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) has released the “CAA Roadside App” for iPhone. The app is free via the App Store and gives users quick access to connect for roadside assistance. You can either use the app for a one-touch button call for help, or click the “request for assistance” button and it uses the GPS in the iPhone to send help. While in the app you can select what issues you are experiencing such as dead battery, flat tire, tow truck, locked out etc… (more…)


How much data do you use in a month?

A new Nielsen report based on 60,000 mobile phone bills in the United States shows that a significant number of Smartphone owners are using less than 1 MB a month of data. Roger Entner of Neilsen said “The top 6% of smartphone users are consuming half of all data. More than a third of smartphone users have not yet signed up for a data plan.”

Even though the report is based in the States  were curious how close the numbers are for us Canadians.  Smartphone adoption is on the rise in Canada and the only recent stat we could find is when Rogers President Rob Bruce recently stated at the 2010 Canadian Telecom Summit that “Our research shows that average daily use on an iPhone is about 210 MB and more than 90% of iPhone customers use less than 500MB of data.”

How much data do you use in a month?