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Polar Mobile’s “WC2010″ app sees over 265,000 downloads in 30 days

Here’s some good news from Toronto-based Polar Mobile. They created a free app that’s available in the BlackBerry App World called “WC2010″. Now that the 2010 FIFA World Cup is over they have released some stunning stats and gives an insight into how people are getting real time targeted info:

- 265,408 App downloads in 30 days
- 43% of subs used the App everyday (on average) (more…)


Consumer Reports “can’t recommend the iPhone 4″, but says it’s the “highest rated”

Consumer Reports boldly announced yesterday that they “can’t recommend the iPhone 4”. This is somewhat of a blow to Apple as many other countries are prepping to release this device soon. The reason for the slam was due to the antenna issues. When users hold the iPhone 4 on the left side they slowly start to see reception dwindle down to zero bars. Consumer Reports did say an easy solution was to put a piece of tape on the left side and it will somehow miraculously solve the issue.

However, in an odd and ironic twist Consumer Reports also has an online mobile phone rankings section where users can pay to see full details and breakdowns of smartphone ratings. Can you guess what device is at the top of the list: the new iPhone 4. This has been granted the “highest rated” smartphone and Consumer Reports gave it a ranking of 76 out of 100. The next highest ranking is the iPhone 3GS and the HTC Sprint Evo 4G with 74 points.

John Paczkowski of the WSJ “Digital Daily” said that “The product evaluation agency rated the iPhone 4 “Excellent” in its display, navigation, Web browsing, multimedia and battery life categories, “Very Good” in phoning and messaging and “Good” in voice quality.”

So if you take away the reception issues and only hold the iPhone 4 on the right side you’ve got a stellar top class device.

Check it here at Consumer Reports
Source: Apple Insider & WSJ


Samsung sells 1 million Wave devices in 4-weeks

Samsung’s first Bada-powered device called the “Wave” just launched in Canada last week but the results are in globally. Justin Hong, project lead and architect of Bada stated on Twitter that it only took a quick 4-weeks to sell 1 million units. Very impressive and with the price points we can see why. You can get this for as low as $29.95 on a 3-year  and no contract as low as $299.95.

For those in Canada who purchased the Wave are you liking Samsung’s Bada platform? Creating any apps?

Via: IntoMobile
Source: Justin Hong Twitter


RIM announces free security app called “BlackBerry Protect”, now in private beta

RIM has announced that their “BlackBerry Protect” will be released in a “limited beta” next week and then officially available in an “open public beta later this year”. This is a free security application that basically give users the ability to wirelessly backup, restore, locate, remote device lock and remote wipe your BlackBerry device.

We’ve seen this in a leaked screenshot before so it;s nice that this is finally making its way to your Berry.

Check it out here (more…)


Poll: Which Canadian wireless carrier is “the best”

With competition in the Canadian wireless market heating up, we thought we’d get a poll going to understand in your opinion which of the Canadian carrier is overall the best. Now this is a big question to ask but overall when you combine your experience with customer service, rate plans, coverage, reliability, device offerings etc. who is “the best” to you?

It’ll be interesting to see where everyone sits… is it Rogers, Bell or TELUS that’s winning the wireless battle… or new entrants WIND, Mobilicity or Public. How about Virgin, SaskTel, MTS and discount brands like Solo, Koodo and Fido. Give your answer below and if you wish to take it further write a comment too. (more…)


Solo Mobile to re-launch brand “to directly compete with Chatr”?

We thought Solo Mobile would slowly be put into the grave ever since Bell swallowed up all Virgin Mobile Canada. However, we’ve learned that Solo Mobile is currently getting a full re-branding.

One of our tipsters let us know that Solo is prepping for an “upcoming brand re-launch to directly compete with Chatr and new entrant fighter brands. The brand has been completely repositioned to cater to a new target demographic and will be offering very similar priced rate plans.”

We have no other details as to when this new brand launch will occur but looks like the no-contract, low price point strategy is heating up! Rogers new discount brand Chatr is expected to roll out their services within a couple weeks and offer low cost devices and a couple monthly plans.

(Thanks tipster!)


Video: RIM releases another look at the upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS

RIM is scheduling the release of their new BlackBerry 6 for sometime this Summer. They have gracefully released another sneak peek into how the OS will work. It’s looks promising and we’ve seen many leaks of this over the past few weeks. However, it’s always good to get an “official” video. Check it out here… what do you think of it? Will it bring the BlackBerry up to date? (more…)


Consumer Reports says “we can’t recommend the iPhone 4″

With Apple selling over 1.7 million iPhone 4 devices – there has been much talk about the reception issues and screen discolourations. Many people have done video reviews, drop tests and some people have even gone to the length of taking a .50 caliber sniper rifle to it.

Consumer Reports has just released their review of the new iPhone 4 and they state that their engineers “have confirmed that there is a problem with its reception. When your finger or hand touches a spot on the phone’s lower left side – an easy thing, especially for lefties—the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection altogether if you’re in an area with a weak signal. Due to this problem, we can’t recommend the iPhone 4.” (more…)


Rogers employees start iPhone 4 training!

It’s “Coming Soon”… we just don’t have an exact date for you yet. However, progress is always a good thing and thanks to one of our reliable Rogers tipsters for sending up this screenshot. It looks like Rogers employees have started their training for the upcoming release of the Apple iPhone 4. You can see that the descriptions for the online training are “Selling the iPhone 4″ and “Introduction iPhone 4″.

Pretty exciting stuff… are you hopping on the iPhone 4 bus?


Rogers viral video has “Needlebaum” delivering the goods

If you have a few minutes to waste today you can follow this Rogers YouTube viral video. It’s one of those choose the adventure videos where you get a choice in the outcome. This one follows “Needlebaum” into a variety of situations where he has to deliver a briefcase to his boss. There are about 6 videos in total and the end result is that it promotes the Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee. I wish there was an option to get rid of Needlebaum all together. (more…)