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Various Canadian Boxing Day wireless promos…

It’s Boxing Day – most of the deals happening at retail outlets for handsets are those that come with a 3-year contract. If you’re into signing a contract here’s a breakdown of some to consider but nothing really ground breaking when it comes to prices. A bit disappointing:

Best Buy Mobile:
TELUS HTC Desire – $0 plus a $150 gift card
Bell HTC Desire Z – $0 plus a $150 gift card
Samsung Galaxy S Captivate – $0 plus a $125 gift card
Virgin HTC Legend – $0 plus a $200 gift card
Koodo BlackBerry Curve – $0 and get a free $100 gift card
Any BlackBerry purchase you will receive a $200 gift card
TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9780 – $49.99 plus a $200 gift Card

Future Shop:
TELUS HTC Desire – $0 plus a $150 gift card
Samsung Galaxy S Captivate – $0 plus a $100 gift card
Bell HTC Desire Z – $0 plus a $150 gift card
Plus with any BlackBerry purchase you will receive a $200 gift card
TELUS Bold 9780 & Style 9670 both $49.99 and you’ll receive a $200 gift card

They have their $75 holiday deal until December 31st for the following devices: Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant drops to $24.95; HTC Desire Z hits a low $4.95 and the LG Quantum goes to $0.00. In addition, Bell is giving $100 off the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (so it’s now $549.95 no-contract).

Boxing Day over at TELUS has some $0.00 phones (3-year contract): HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone, Motorola Charm and the LG Optimus One.

If you find any deals leave them in the comments below


Wind extends $40/month all-in “Holiday Miracle Plan” to December 31st

So the trend is to advertise a “limited time offer” promo that ends on a certain date, then when that date arrives extend it by a few more days. Good deal for customers for sure. Wind has extended their $40 all in talk, text and data offering and their $25 plan to December 31st. The actual names of the plans are called the “Festive Cheer Plan” ($25) and the “Holiday Miracle Plan” ($40). Here are the details again:

“Festive Cheer Plan” – Always Talk & Text: $25/month
Canada & US Texting
Canada & US MMA
Unlimited Province Wide Calling
Caller ID
WIND to WIND Calling (Nationwide)
Call Waiting, Forwarding, 3 way calling

“Holiday Miracle Plan” – Always Shout + Infinite: $40/month
Canada & US Texting
Canada & US MMA
Unlimited Province Wide Calling
Caller ID
WIND to WIND Calling (Nationwide)
Call Waiting, Forwarding, 3 way calling
Canada Wide Calling
U.S. Long Distance
Global Text Messaging
Data (Infinite BlackBerry/Infinite Mobile)

Check it here at WIND
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Poynt signs deal to have Yellow Pages listings show up on their app

Very interesting partnership here . Yellow Pages which has their own mobile app will also show up on the Poynt app. The two companies have signed a 5-year agreement that will bring 1.5 million business listings to the Poynt app. If you’re not familiar with Poynt, it can help you find phone numbers, addresses, directions, book restaurant reservations and a bunch of movie features such as reviews and the ability to purchase tickets. This app comes pre-loaded on various devices through various carriers and is available on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.

Stéphane Marceau, Chief Marketing Officer of Yellow Pages Group statd “Our agreement with Poynt emphasizes the opportunities our content can create for local search apps and how YellowAPI can drive additional visibility to our advertisers through partners such as Poynt”.

Source: MarketWire


Public Mobile drops all phones to $40 (no-contract)

All the deals are coming out now… if you’re looking to sign up with Public Mobile you are in for a good offer. They have discounted their entire lineup for quick sale to $40 for any device. They also have knocked down the price of their Unlimited plan to either $35, $25 or $25. Plus as a last effort offered an extra month to their referral program by stating between “December 24th – December 31st when you refer a friend to Public Mobile you’ll get two months of free service for every friend who joins.”

ZTE-C70 stays the same at $40 (was $55)
Kyocera Tomo will be $40 (was $110)
Samsung R312 will be $40 (was $125)
Kyocera G2GO will be $40 (was $140)

Bring on the data Public Mobile!

Check it here at Public Mobile
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The Source must be confused with their Bell Palm Pre deals

Bell is selling the Palm Pre for a low no-contract price of $149.95. A good deal for a decent CDMA smartphone. However, over at their retail outlet The Source they are having some whacked out “specials”. Not to be a downer or the Grinch this holiday season but don’t fall for them.

They are selling a “refurbished” Palm Pre for $149.00 and it only gives you a warranty of 30 days. You’re better off getting it brand new. Then there is their Boxing Day sale that offers a brand new Pre for $0.00 on a 3-year or $299.95 no-contract… as a bonus The Source will throw in a $75 gift card. All this just doesn’t make sense. There are better deals out there to be had…

Update: it seems that The Source is having a better Boxing Day sale that’s in their flyer – which the pricing is incorrect – the real price is the same at $149.00 no-contract. In addition, according to the internal doc we received it shows The Source boxing day promo is a $50 accessory credit on a 2 year contract, and a $100 accessory credit on a 3 year. Check out the doc after the break (more…)


WIND “All in the Family” promo now available for all

Remember that Wind promo that started in November called “All in the Family“? This saw their Always Shout plan ($45/month) and the Infinite Laptop ($45/month) to a low $20 a month. This was reserved for Wind employees but they were only given 10 Always Shout and 5 Infinite Laptop invites to hand out. In addition, this promo was set to expire on November 23rd.

It now seems the doors have fully blown open as Wind is extending this to anyone. So you can get the following prices for life (as long as your in good standing) on either Pay Before or Pay After. Just use the referral “HAITF” (Holiday Offer All In The Family”). Here are the plan details:

Always Shout – $20.00 per month (used to be $45)
- Unlimited Canada Wide Calling from any WIND Home Zone
- Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing CAN/US Text
- Call Display
- Voicemail
- Call Waiting, Conference Calling and Call Forwarding

Infinite Laptop – $20.00 per month (used to be $45)
- Unlimited Data (within a WIND Home Zone)

To get in on this you’ll need to visit a Wind Corporate Store and take the brochure (link at the bottom) with you…. FYI, you have to say that you have been referred. The deal expires on Dec 31st, 2010.

Check out the brochure here (PDF)
Source: HowardForums


Quebec, the wireless battleground of Canada

Among the more industrialized countries, Canada is in quite a unique situation. Canada is has one of the lowest cellphone penetration rates of about 70% (approximately 23.5 million subscribers). This leaves Canada as a market ripe for companies to make BIG profits. A good portion of this buying potential resides in Quebec, making this one of the most heated battlegrounds – if not the most heated battleground in Canada. In Quebec, as everywhere else in Canada, the big 3 dominate. But what makes Quebec at the forefront of change in the wireless landscape is a series of events.

Everyone of course is aware of Rogers, Bell and TELUS’ (and their flanker brands) dominance over their Canadian airwaves. This was to change with the 2008 wireless spectrum auction that was held by Industry Canada in attempt to spur competition in a somewhat stagnating market. The Industry Minister said that “Our government’s intentions are clear: to achieve lower prices, better service and more choice for consumers and business. We believe in relying on market forces to the maximum extent feasible because competition benefits consumers, and consumers benefit most when markets are as competitive as they can be.”

The auction generated $4 billion for the Government and left incumbents and new entrants at different ends of the spectrum, both figuratively and literally. Rogers, Bell and TELUS ended up with almost all of the 850/1900MHz bands while the new wireless companies ended up with most of the AWS aka. 1700MHz spectrum. This is important when selecting handsets. (more…)


Upgrade to OS 2.2 arrives for the Virgin and SaskTel Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

Earlier today it was the TELUS Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate that was given the green light to upgrade to OS 2.2.  After having several issues it seems good fortune has come the way of another device getting the upgrade to Froyo. The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant – not Bell – but their sub-brand Virgin Mobile Vibrant can now upgrade… so can those who are with SaskTel. Make sure you back up your device.

Check out all the details here at Samsung
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