Samsung got a llama to unbox the Galaxy S7 [Update]

Ian Hardy

February 16, 2016 2:44pm

Samsung continues its long history of flagship device teaser videos. This time, the company has taken to YouTube for what seems to be a week-long string of videos that give people (and animals) a glimpse at what looks like the Galaxy S7 being unboxed.

The first unboxing is performed by a child who creatively puts his thoughts on paper and shows us a rectangular-shaped device with a picture of what looks to be a happy family.

llama samsung

Next, and probably the strangest, is the use of a llama to unbox the upcoming Galaxy for 30 minutes. The llama, who goes by the name of Kuzco, uses its mouth to recreate what he apparently believes is Samsung’s still unannounced next smartphone.

The two promotion videos don’t significant detail regarding what Samsung has planned for its big S7 unveiling on February 21s at Mobile World Congress. However, we do hope the llama somehow makes its way to Barcelona.

Update: The latest promo video from Samsung’s “Seven Days of Unboxing” is an ice sculptor who reveals a device with curved edges. In addition, the newest teaser is from a metal artist who confirms the home button and the display will come with busting flames.

  • I think the painting from the llama will be worth millions one day. Forget the phone, I want the painting.

  • Mo Dabbas

    It’s funny coz we all know by know how the phone looks like. It’s not like we’re patiently waiting to know about that part.

  • Ipse

    I hope it’s a llama and not a…lame.

  • Gee

    For the metal artist.. it might not be flames but a clue for a 3D screen perhaps?

    • I like where this is going. LG tired a few years back and it worked …well. Maybe Samsung has something figured out.