Motorola’s Moto G successor rumoured to ship early September

Jane McEntegart

August 12, 2014 9:09am

Last fall, Motorola introduced one of the most interesting Moto smartphones we’ve seen in a while. Dubbed the Moto G, the phone strikes a balance between power and price almost perfectly.  Now, almost one year after the launch of the Moto G, Motorola is gearing up for the launch the newest Moto G.

According to a post over on GSMArena, the Moto G2 will arrive on September 10, right around the time Microsoft and Samsung plan to unveil their new devices. The new Moto G is rumoured to pack a 5-inch display with a 720p resolution as well as a Snapdragon 400 with 1.2 GHz CPU and Adreno 305 graphics. This is running alongside 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage. As far as cameras are concerned, there’s an 8MP lens in the back and a 2MP lens up front for selfies and video calling.

We’ve heard plenty about the next generation Moto G already, and there’s talk that Motorola may call this device ‘the Moto G+1’ as opposed to ‘the Moto G2.’ This gels with the Moto X+1 naming scheme and seems to fit when you consider the specs are largely the same as the Moto G, aside from the screen size and camera modules. This is an updated Moto G as opposed to a brand new device.

What doesn’t really make sense is that this phone will apparently be priced at €250 at launch, just shy of €100 more than than the Moto G launch price. It’s still a great deal for a 5-inch smartphone, but it doesn’t knock our socks off like the Moto G did. When you look at the spec sheets side-by-side, the extra half inch of screen real estate and beefed up camera modules don’t really seem worth the extra hundred euro.

The launch of the entry-level Moto E saw Canadians stiffed with a higher price compared to consumers in the United States. The heightened price puts the Moto E way too close to the Moto G in price. Here’s hoping we don’t end up paying more for the Moto G+1 as well.

SourceGSM Arena

  • danbob999

    The original Moto G will remain the better deal if this price is confirmed. There are tons of low end smartphones. The G was a success because it was cheaper than other phones with similar hardware.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      I agree ! The Moto G +1 is a great device
      but I concerned that carriers clear all inventory of Moto G 1st gen and LTE versions to make room for this charge $299 to $325 a pop and limiting your options to one device

      On the other hand If it moves in this direction and the Moto G +1 comes only in a black option,

      Rogers could gain sales by simply offering Moto G LTE at $225 a pop over the more expensive Moto G+1.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Hello everyone!

    If this is true it brings some interesting Questions.

    If the Moto G LTE is already available this June for purchase and you don’t need a small improvement in internal spec ,

    What is the point of Rogers or others selling the Moto G+1 for another $100 over the current Moto G LTE Varient ?

    I already have the Moto G LTE which I am happy with.

    what incentive is there to purchase the Moto G+1 for new or old customers a like?

  • Abdi Mohamed

    I more interested to see how the Motorola X+1 will be sold, will current Moto G owners jump directly to Moto X+1 given the price of the Moto G + 1?

  • vn33

    Buying a Moto G (8Gb /non-LTE) for a friend’s first smart phone. Walmart @ $130 Prepaid Telus, $120 Public Mobile (existing customer)
    On Kijiji, people trying to sell them between $150-$200 (non-LTE) … No wonder I see the same ads every day!

  • Buzz88

    I’m sure people who are loyal to the Motorola brand like I used to be will buy this up but 250£ = $420US for a phone with mediocre (year old at least) specifications isn’t going to fly with most.

    • Jim__R

      It’s 250 Euros, not 250 GBP.
      As such, the conversion works out to about $344 US.

      Additionally, there’s a good chance that that price includes VAT, which could be up to 20%, thus making the pre-tax price less.

  • wes

    I replaced my nexus 4 with a used moto g and so far so good. Does what I want. I don’t game on my phone.