Motorola unveils Moto Stream, a $50 gadget that turns any connected speaker wireless

Daniel Bader

June 3, 2014 8:14pm


It’s not a word you often hear associated with a music dock, but if Motorola finds success with its new Moto Stream, its unique form will likely find a way into many future accessories.

Moto Stream is a smaller $50 gadget that plugs into any RCA or 3.5mm-compatible speaker, creating a Bluetooth hub for up to five devices at once. Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows-based devices, Motorola claims connectivity of up to 300ft, along with one-touch NFC pairing for Androids and Windows Phones.

While this isn’t the first product to create a Bluetooth hub for music, its unique design and colourful visage, along with its low price, may be enough to tempt casual music listeners into purchasing. Because it is universally Bluetooth compatible, users can stream music from almost any app, while Heist Mode allows connected devices to take over a song if they don’t like what’s playing — which is sure to cause frustration at raucous parties.
No word on whether the Moto Stream will be coming to Canada.

  • Chris G


  • Vince

    there is a lot of these in the market and at less than $50

    • Unorthodox

      That’s what I though too, at first. But 5 device hub is unique. I’d buy, but the looks are ugly!

    • Vince

      Yeah, missed the multiple device part.

  • Connor

    I already have something like this that I bought on amazon for $12! It only connects to one device but thats really all you need

    • Andrew


  • alphs22

    Pretty sure I see these things in the $20 range.

  • Kenny S. Zhang

    nothing new under the sun here! but it sure looks cool!

  • Eluder

    I doubt it at this price, but apt-x support?

    • Dave Scott

      apt-x would be the only reason to buy this over much cheaper ones. That being said, not many devices support apt-x yet. I know my LG G2 doesn’t.

    • Eluder

      Luckily my HTC does, but does this mean it is confirmed to support apt-x (the moto stream)?

  • ddd

    You guys are hilarious. This is a main stream product. It is a HUGE deal to the masses.

    Some of you people think everyone is a tech nerd or they know of the latest technology and gadgets.

    Relax. You can always find something cheaper online. Is it better? That is subjective.

    • alphs22

      I see them at my Loblaws Superstore – is that mainstream enough? Belkin, Logitech, and other mainstream brands have already released cheaper devices for years.

      What’s hilarious is that you think this is a “HUGE” deal. Even funnier that you think this is the latest technology.

  • Kristen

    been selling this exact same thing for a while, just a different brand.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    This is better than those bluetooth speakers you can buy. You can hook it up to any sound system and offers you the possibility to pari with 5 devices. Now at a party people can take turn to DJ

  • B-Mac

    perfect for pre drinks!

  • Andre.GE

    i definitely want one of these. need news on when its coming to canada or how to get one