Chirp releases Android app to share content with soundbites

Daniel Bader

September 13, 2013 3:02pm

In the past, you may have used Bump to physically send a photo or contact to a friend’s smartphone; you may have used Android’s NFC-based Beam to initiate Bluetooth transfers for videos or apps.

Now, an app called Chirp wants to be your sound-based content conduit. A bit like a reverse Shazam, the app allows you to project photos, notes, and web links to other Chirp users with pleasant-sounding tones. The great thing about it is a chirp can be received by multiple people, so you can share a group photo with multiple friends at once.

While the immediate implications are not so profound — there are so many ways to send content to other Android users already — it’s with brands that Chirp has the potential to shine. We can see marketers using the platform to send coupons, discounts and other specials to users who participate in the community, and because the app needs to be open to accept the message it’s inherently spam-protected.

Chirp is also available for iOS, and has been for some time, and the two apps are interoperable.