University of Waterloo hopes to boost next-gen wireless technologies with new facility

Daniel Bader

September 11, 2013 10:21am

A new facility opening this week at the University of Waterloo aims to be the test bed for next-generation wireless technologies.

The Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS) is located within the Engineering department of UW and is comprised of four “interconnected indoor laboratories, one outdoor lab, and a highly advanced computational facility,” according to the launch documents.

The facility’s Electromagnetic Radiation Lab and RF/Microwave, Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter-Wave System Lab can deal with frequencies between 50Mhz and 1.1Thz, and aim to test experimental technologies that may be adopted in future smartphones, cars and other personal devices.

University of Waterloo continues to be an incubator for promising projects, and despite the recent decline of its homegrown tech titan there is clearly continued optimism for the tech community in the city.

  • skullan

    Is this their culture? Maintaining a high GPA average by Mortal Kombat in an arena of spikes. Low GPA students battle it out, for the honor of staying in the school.

  • J-Ro

    I hope they get Canada back to doing what it does best, Innovating.

  • Mayoo

    I want this picture to become playable in Portal 2!

  • sicsicpuppy

    I’d love to go bounce around in that room…..hopefully those are made of foam right ? lol

    • Ceribaen

      Yeah. It’s an anechoic chamber, which are typically used for EMC/EMI testing. Although I’m not sure about how they’re keeping the room ‘clean’ with those sprinkers hanging down that far… haven’t seen that in other chambers I’ve worked in or seen similarly before.

  • Chad Zinger

    Megaman would hate this room…

  • AlexanderLong

    Engineer5,? Ha , maybe I should pay a visit there tomorrow.