Motorola claims 100,000 Moto X’s shipped each week from Texas plant

Canadians may not be privy to the considerable customization advantages of Moto Maker, but the newly-Googlified company is claiming to be shipping 100,000 Moto X’s every week from their contracted Texas plant.

According to Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside, who gave a tour to Texas governor Rick Perry alongside business mogul Mark Cuban and Google chair Eric Schmidt, the company is meeting its shipping targets in the US, both to carriers and individuals. And while 100,000 units is but a drop in the proverbial Apple/Samsung bucket, it’s a good step towards profitability for a company that has turned in red ink for the past few quarters.

The move to a Texas factory, at least for the Moto Maker orders based in the US, highlights some of the wage gaps between workers in the States, who earn $12-14 per hour, and those in China, who earn one third of that. But those higher labour costs are somewhat offset by lower shipping and distribution charges.

Whether the Moto X alone will turn Motorola’s fortunes around remains to be seen — we loved it, and were not alone in this — these initial results are a good indication that the ball is rolling in the right direction for the company.