Sugarsync for Android updated with new interface, better photo support

Daniel Bader

February 14, 2013 4:00pm

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After a long beta period, Sugarsync 4.0 has arrived on Android, alongside Sugarsync 2.0 for Windows, OS X and the web.

The new app has a brand new Holo-centric design, with clear, easy to navigate sections accessed using a familiar left-side  bar.

Sugarsync 2.o (as a product, not strictly as an Android app) has focused on its strengths, allowing users to search across multiple devices for a particular file. Because it is less inherently limited than Dropbox — you can sync multiple folders, separately, on many consumers and mobile devices — you have more granular control of your syncing environment than Dropbox.

One of the premiere features of the new Android app is its gorgeous image gallery, augmented by automatic photo and video uploads. While this is a common feature on Android now, from Google+ to Dropbox to Facebook, Sugarsync promises it won’t hurt your battery or, if desired, your cellular bandwidth.

The main attraction to the new Sugarsync experience, both on Android and the desktop, is a gorgeous, unified design. You can obtain 5GB for free when you sign up, and there are promo deals going on right now for $24.99/year, 30GB of data.

Download Sugarsync 4.0 for Android.
Source: Sugarsync Blog

  • outburst

    It would be useful if you didn’t write this like you assumed I knew what Sugersync was.

  • Inquiring Minds

    What does it do and why would we want it? You haven’t really explained what this product does.

  • ron

    It works like Dropbox, except it gives you 5gb of initial storage.

  • Michael

    The image on the far right is a copy of Windows Phone UI.

    • S2556

      Lol fu*k off michael thats Alllllll Android. Quit being jelly

  • Slappy

    Have you people heard of Google? It’s a wonderful thing, you can search for terms like, I don’t know… “sugarsync”

  • ElNad

    Where is the promo deal? Is it only for new user, because I’m about to renew my subscription and I paid only 25$ last year and I don’t want to go to 50$ this year. I send them an email and they didn’t answer yet.

    About the product, Sugarsync is a better solution for me than Dropbox or I like that you can choose the directories one by one instead of only a “drop” directory on your desktop.

    The Android Sugarsync client can automatically upload new pictures on your cloud too just like dropbox. Great feature. Everytime I entered the hotel on my last trip, pics and videos would be backup on SS right there.

    I also use Cloudfogger to encrypt every files I put on my cloud. There is an Android and iOS client too so you can see your files even thought they are encrypted. The only problem is when you want to see files on the SS website. But for security, I can live with this problem.

  • JB

    I’ve used, and have accounts on all major cloud storage companies. SugarSync has always had the best features and free storage. Now they have one of the best UIs for their apps, and dashboard. I’m up to 9.5gb free just by referrals. SugarSync also gives users much more control over what files are synced then Dropbox, or

    Althought the free 50gb on I have it great, it doesnt have the same sync functionality as SugarSync.