Bell and Virgin Galaxy S II users reporting update to Jelly Bean is available


  • Kris

    Is this for SII or SII HD LTE as well? 😀



    • GlassBackBadIdea

      First Impressions

      I LOVE IT. 4.0.4 was the biggest pile of sheeet I have ever seen. It was sooo slow and bloated and unresponsive it made me hate android. Now this thing feels alive and turbocharged. Lets hope things continue on the positive side and they don’t end up messing it again.

  • coop3422

    I’m rooted running a custom ROM, and can’t find “software update” under the “about phone” tab. Will I be able to download this OTA while on a customer ROM?

    • bob

      This is for stock and stock only. If you are on a custom rom you will not get the OTA by any means.

  • HiKsFiles

    Well that’s good to hear from us Galaxy S3 owners! Maybe Samsung’s upgrade path for older devices is getting better with time because I remember my Galaxy S1 being quickly shelved with respect to upgrades back then. Happy for you GS2 owners… enjoy JB now! 🙂

    • Eduardo

      Now, where’s our 4.2.2 on the S3!?

  • 3344

    what about the S2 HD LTE (SGH-1757M)??

  • Larry

    Huh…yet the Note is still on ICS…bullocks I say!

    • R.I.P Christopher Dorner God Bless your Soul

      the note 1 was an awful phone/tablet it lagged like crazy and had the same specs as an s2x which is a pretty under powered phone to begin with. consider yourself abandoned. the note 2 is Samsung main focus

  • Helios

    Those that have recieved the upgrade:
    1.what diffrences have you noticed? is your battery life now? there anything extra included?(multiview,etc..)

    your input is much appreciated.

  • kungriffey

    I just upgraded and my stock SII and now it won’t turn on! Has anyone else had any problems? I’ve been scouring XDA seeking help.

    • trow

      Had the same issue, mine was stuck in a boot loop. Solved my problem by booting to system recovery (with power off, press and hold the Volume up, Home, and Power buttons until the green android appears). Then “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” the choose “reboot system”.
      Worked for me.

  • Sid

    What’s the over/under in number of days before this gets pulled because of some bug and re-released a month later? I say 2.5



    • Mat

      That’s awesome, please keep us posted on bat life, notable differences and your overall thoughts on the upgrade.

  • Mat

    This is for the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 internationat version with the 4.3″ screen and the physical home button.
    Mine is rooted and sim unlocked to use on Rogers and I never got the ICS update notice, I had to download the rom online and do it myself through kies and then re-root, restore from Titanium backup etc! There will have to be major performance improvements for me to go through that again. But I will probably end up doing it anyways who am I kidding hahaha

  • Rob VH

    I click Menu -> Settings but don’t see “About Device”. Mine is slightly different and says “About Phone”. No big deal except there’s no “Software Update” option!

    I’m running stock SGS2 model GT-I9100M on Bell. Will the option show up once the OTA gets pushed to me or do I have to somehow update my phone using Kies?

    • PeaveyAxe

      Are you running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) or Gingerbread (Android 2.3)? If you are still on Gingerbread then you need to update via Kies. After the update to Ice Cream Sandwich, it allows Over The Air updates.

    • Rob VH

      Thank you, Peavey. That was really helpful.


    FLASH WILL NOT BE WORKING NOW, BUT HERE IS THE TRICK DOWNLOAD FLASH FROM HERE and install the APK file flash will work again, this will work with the galaxy 33 and any Samsung tablet

  • Trevor

    Any news on Telus?

    • Canucks4Life

      I just updated Samsung Kies and plugged my S2X but no update as of yet…

  • John

    Ok so the s2 users get 4.1.2 and the s3 users are stuck with 4.1.1
    I don’t get it???? Updating a old phone before the new ones bullshit

  • Kyle

    I received the update this morning for my Virgin SGS2. So far I’m happy with most of the changes.
    Doing the actual update destroyed my battery life shortly after doing it. I charged it up and since this it’s been okay. Doesn’t seem any better or worse than usual.

    I should mention that I tried to add the “Planner” widget to the home screen which caused the TouchWiz Home process to constantly crash over and over. The only way to fix it was to get to the settings in-between crashing and clear all the cached data for process. That caused all of my just set up shortcuts, widgets and home screen settings to revert. Just be careful of what you do once you update. TouchWiz seems pretty unstable.

    Other than that one issue I haven’t noticed any other problems with it. Everything else seems to run fine and there have been some really nice improvements over 4.1.

  • mpsrent

    I did the update and have a few initial observations.
    1. Incoming emails have a dark font and a dark background. I can’t read them and I’m not sure what to do as there isn’t an email display mode like ICS.
    2. The keyboard font is much smaller. Again, I’m not sure how to change it.
    3. Language input options are limited. French, Asian or U.S. English. I’d prefer Canadian or UK English, not U.S. English as it forces me to correct spelling.

  • crazyhammer

    Using the 9100m on Rogers. phone told me update available. Clicked update and it tried to get update but fails. Says no updates available. Assuming it’s because im on Rogers network and not bell.

    • Jeremy

      Consider yourself lucky.

      A friend’s i9100m that was unlocked and being used on Rogers got the update and after that it was re-locked. Would only work with Bell SIM cards again. Have to help him dig back out of that and re-unlock the phone again.

      Should have put CyanogenMod on it the first time so I wouldn’t have to deal with this crap.

  • luvmygadgets

    A question for all those receiving the update.. does the JB update replace the stock Android browser with Chrome? I’m using stock right and I’m scared to lose Flash on my phone… I still use it for several websites regularly a well as for limited flash games on Facebook… I would be really grateful for a reply. Thanks

  • James

    I have galaxy 3 from Bell and got version 4.1.1 but not 4.1.2 yet and I find it very odd that G2 got it ??

  • mystery905

    What about the S2X from Koodo?

  • webterractive

    If you want to experience what Jelly Bean will be like officially in your device, install the leaked Skyrocket version that’s floating around on XDA. I find that there’s too much going going on the interface. I like the simplicity and customization of ICS.

  • OJ

    Anyone know if JB is out for the Telus S2?

  • GlassBack.BadIdea

    Bricked stock Bell SII phone. Do not upgrade. you have been warned.

  • Sam_M

    Virgin i9100M – flashed using Kies (once I managed to get Kies to connect again). Solid upgrade with lots of new features that I love (improved face unlock, gestures, Google Now, Block mode, etc). Performance is smoother than ICS. Notification shade has better functionality than ICS. Lock screen notifications are great. Many new settings that allow greater control over the OS – I particularly like the new volume controls in settings that allow you to preset different volumes for apps, phone, and notifications.

    All of my settings and apps ported over with no problems noted so far. I had to remove and then reset a few homescreen widgets (Beautiful Widgets, Enhanced Google Search Bar, and Evernote) but they were fine once that was done.

    I mentioned gestures earlier. One of the ones that I really love is the phone gesture. If you receive a text or email from someone, simply bringing the phone to your ear will call that person. Android assumes that you want to talk to them after reading their message. Another great one is that you can double tap the top of your phone to scroll to the top of a list or page.

    Too early to comment on battery life. Like a previous commenter mentioned, the upgrade used a lot of battery but it has seemed to be good in the last 24 hours since re-charging.

    All in all, no surprises since JB has been in the wild for months but a solid upgrade for the SGSII.

  • S2User

    I’m with Virgin and I have the i9100M. I’m having a lot of trouble upgrading. Using the wifi-, sometime it says it can’t connect to the server, other time it says there’s no new update. I connected it with a cable to kies, I keep getting various error messages from file was corrupted during the download, not enough space ( it needed 300000mb!?!?!?) so I deleted many things and then it gave me a error in another language (it was a bunch of squares in the text), then it says it’s not supported? I’ve tried over 15 times and I have no clue what to do. Is there another way to upgrade it?

  • John_hates_blackberry

    Your move rogers. My S2 LTE is waiting….

  • Craig the shark

    I love your site. So many b***h on her about various crap but for example had I not read this post I wouldn’t know the update was here. Thanks!

    To the update. Battery going real quick but hopefully a few full drains and recharges fix that. Noticeably too quick drain.
    Performance? Very smooth and much more fluid. I don’t use touchwiz I use go launcher ex but still vast jelly bean is there and I absolutely love it.
    I hated so many things about ics that were screwy bad.
    I for example noticed that many videos I downloaded that were glitchy are perfectly running now with only change this update. I had my phone hanging and lagging before and thought it was go launcher however it is soooooo much faster and fluid now.

    The drop down notification bar is awesome. I love the changes.
    I also noticed many font and design changes including style and size and placement and some don’t like but I love.
    For example my Samsung texts have a different look that has small details like time front and center and a much larger font.. Considering my need for reading glasses soon this is appreciated.

    One irritating thing there is no more task widget or shortcut. I used to pin it to my sliding bottom tray should ram get out of control or a program lock up. But the only access is to hold home key then to hit task icon. Two steps vs old one click. Small detail.

    The email in ga2 is way improved as the look and style is fantastic. On gingerbread I could tap the acct at top to switch to folders regularly accessed like example sent folder. But on ics they took that away forcing you to click to hit menu to get into folders, then sent folder, 3 steps. Now it’s back to 2 quick clicks from top center.

    Love this update. Well got to go. Phone just warmed it’s battery is almost gone. Hmm? It’s only 12:23 and unplugged at 9am. Normally I get this msg a few hours from now? Hmm? Gingerbread was good battery, ics bad, this worse? But I trust pray and hope it fixes as many say. Otherwise love update. Thanks to you guys at mobile syrup for heads up.!

  • SlimDigg

    I experienced a korean error message when installing update through Kies. Here was my steps.

    1. Wipe device.
    2. Reinstalled Kies.
    Successfully applied update through wire connection via Kies.

    My device is running awesome! I can’t comment too much on battery because i’m busy reinstalling apps and playing around with Google Now.

    I don’t know what my previous Quadrant score was but I just ran it and its a 4304 now! Very happy customer, thank you Bell and Saumsung!

  • nick

    How do i update my gs2?

    • mpsrent

      You have at least 3 options, the most practical being through Samsung’s free software Kies from a computer. Depending on your current you may be able to update over the air go to your Settings and selecting “About Device/Software Update”. Some people have success OTA while others don’t.

      Option #3 is for advanced users via odin software and firmware downloaded directly from Samsung.

  • Mark

    My galaxy is a mess with this update, I. Am using nova launcher not sure if that is the case but my phone crashes and shuts down many times and I can’t even open the camera and gallery 🙁 don’t know what to do

  • mpsrent

    Two days later and here is an update.

    Before getting into details I should share that once I completed all of my changes my impression of this update changed considerably. When people state that Jelly Bean on a SG2 is buttery smooth, that’s an understatement. You can’t appreciate how smooth this firmware is compared to ICS until you put two phones side by side as I did.

    My first install over Kies had a bug in my email app whereby my text and background where all black. Kind of hard to read black on black. I backed up my data, did a full wipe and reinstalled. I restored my settings though I started my email accounts from scratch and all works well.

    I rooted my phone using the tools and directions found on the XDA Canadian Bell users thread. I must say that this was the smoothest and fasted root I’ve ever done (I’m no expert). With Titanium Pro I can delete or freeze the software that I don’t need.

    Other than my pet peeve regarding U.S. English which I find to be a pain, so far I’m happy with the rest of the package. I’ts like having a new phone, an amazing one at that as the Widgets and screens all appear sharper or crisper and page transition is silky smooth.

    Well done Samsung and Bell, this is a great update for a great phone.

  • Raj

    Great Update! Did both a Bell phone and a Virgin phone – both updates took under 20 min each via Kies. Initial battery life was woefully but have done a reboot and one fill charge cycle now and seems to be better than ICS. Performance is great. No problematic apps. Apex launcher behaves fine. New settings worth the 20 minutes investment to update it. Feels like a new lease on life for a 20 month old phone!

  • DK

    Anyonce have this issue??? on my stock SGS2 i9100M, I received the OTA update notification, downloaded the update successfully via wifi, then proceeded to install the update. After the reboot, I got a message saying the update was unsuccessful. After that no more OTA notifications and if I check for Software updates, says my phone has latest version, but its still ICS.
    So I tried Kies, and checked for updates, but it also tells me I have the latest version.

    Any ideas how I can get the latest JB update? It seems like it tried once and gave up forever. Rooting is not an option since its my company phone and managed by our IT Dept.

  • tilallr1

    What about the SII HD LTE? Anyone have an update for this phone?