Rogers offering up to a year of free BBM video with every BlackBerry Z10


  • Kid.Canada

    Wait a year FREE? What happens after that? You get charged for it? If that holds true, what an epic fail Rogers..

    • Cam C

      Yes – because one year free is worse than no years free. *eyeroll*
      Entitled whiner.

    • John

      They already overcharge for everything else.

      This is like someone shooting you in the arm, then giving you a bandaid for free…

      Thanks Robbers!

  • HO

    …WHAT?…so u still have to pay extra to use anything and every single thing data related on BB’s?…lame…

  • MapleHamwich

    Those are some F-ING expensive plans!

    • Ted

      Robbers gonna rob…

    • Zombie Ted Rogers

      The price includes a complimentary reach around. Rogers treats you right!

  • Luc

    there’s no charge.. it just uses your data like everything else.. but for the first year they are just basically giving you unlimited data on that feature.

    • R u Serious?

      Are they that desperate to push out their stock already!!!??
      Please bud, they never had to offer “a year of free” of something for any other phone.
      BB MUST be tanking…

  • xenrobia

    They couldn’t just reduce the bizarre amounts they charge for data, now could they. No, that would be too much to ask. The CRTC should allow the US carriers into Canada, then we’d see the return of unlimited data plans like they have in the states.

    • Jim Jones

      Have you ever looked at the prices they charge in the states? Please just go to AT&T’s website, or verizon’s. As much as I hate the big 3, their prices aren’t nearly as embarassing as their american counterparts.

    • jplunks

      What would you think that would change? High monthly plans??? Restrictions for data?? Do you really know what AT&T and Verizon offer?

    • S2556

      ATT & Verizon no longer do unlimited. If you want unlimited tmobile or sprint is all that’s left of it. ATT and Verizon sound just as bad as our big 3. I would welcome a Tmobile if they could get coverage in canada like they have in the states. Or maybe partner with moblicity or wind and build out their network to a usable size for me.

    • xenrobia

      Let me think. Two year plans rather then three year plans and a hell of a lot more competition which would led to cheaper plans. How does that sound.

    • Tom

      We might see real competition, we’d definitely see better rates, but I doubt we would see unlimited wireless plans.

      Truly unlimited wireless just doesn’t make sense – even the U.S. carriers are backing away from it.

    • R u Serious?

      Well thats what happens when a few companies happen to dibble dattle into too many sectors and control them all… Dumbass

  • danada

    I’ve been off Rogers for a while now, but what the, $100/month individual plans? This is scary.

  • Wind FTW

    No Thanks Robbers, I will just wait for wind to release BB10 and then have this feature for better price with their unlimited data plan. 5 GB is all i would need for BBM video calls.

    • R u Serious?

      Funny part is…
      If you are a WIND customer already, you wont be able to buy that BB…

  • Miknitro

    To offer something free from Robbers, they either expect little use at next to no cost to themselves or are extracting their due blood elsewhere from you.

    No one escapes alive, but corpses will be returned for a fee.

  • Paul

    Fido, I’m serious. You better get the BlackBerry Q10 cause like your the only one that doesn’t make me pay 50-55$ for 150-200MB but 500!! 150 is unusable.

  • A

    to offset you having to buy a crippled device…

  • T1MB1T

    Come to wind where only our newest subscribers can have this phone! Think of the freedom!!! Our unlimited plans and endless home zone will make you all happy! No need to worry if your phone breaks we have our own service centers that can fix you right up! Just leave a deposit and we will be right on that for ya!

    • bob

      You’re missing your catch. That you are stuck on a slower network and that you have a very small coverage area, and even in that area its iffy at best. I have some friends on wind and they can barley keep a signal while I have LTE sitting right next to them. Your plans are cheaper because the service you provide is not that great.

      just remember you pay for what you get.

    • R u Serious?

      I totally agree with you.
      However, do not speak about LTE like its available everywhere, because it is not.
      Some of the most prominent places where i would expect LTE from Rogers should be, it is not. It always falls back to 3G and it is nothing like what they make it out to be.
      More times then others, LTE indoors from rogers does not reach me… Is it my phone? Nope, ive checked it out already. Its just another network that rogers has to build. But at least they have an actual 3G network to fall back on…
      The whole Canadian cellphone industry is so messed up that theres no point in deliberating it… its just going to go around in circles and circles… as it already is…

  • Sweet

    This isn’t an attempt to get people onto the BB bandwagon, it’s an attempt to get people onto the high-data-usage bandwagon, so that you’ll switch to more expensive plan when the free period is over. Like a crack dealer giving out free crack.

  • simbob

    BB video is kinda like Skype with less people to talk with. Oh wait, there is NO ONE to talk with on BB Video …

  • J-Ro

    I remember when they announced bbm video and it was free aas long as you had bbm, it cant use that much data as bbm doesn’t. Does anyone else remember that? And if thats the case, how is Rogers offering something you could get regardless?

  • Sweet

    The way it probably works is that your BBM video traffic won’t count towards your quota uring the free period.

  • S S

    Holy mis-information Batman!

    Guys, they’re comping for the DATA BBM Video will take up. This doesn’t mean you pay extra to use BBM Video, just all the data it may gobble up!

  • Blackberry Please

    Why can’t you use BB video over wifi? Then you won’t use up your data plan. There are so many free wifi areas now anyway.