TELUS will also release the Samsung ATIV S on December 14th, but “quantities are limited”

Ian Hardy

December 12, 2012 1:25pm

Last night we posted news that Bell was on tap to release the elusive Windows Phone 8 Samsung ATIV S on Friday, December 14th. Now, according to this internal TELUS doc, it seems it’ll shed the “coming soon” label on the same date. In addition, there will also be a limited number of ATIV S devices available at launch, the doc noted “Due to the popularity of the Samsung ATIV, device quantities are limited.” No word on exact numbers, but if this is something you’ve been holding out for you should find a way to get on a list at your local store.

The ATIV S will be available at TELUS, Bell, Rogers and SaskTel.
(Thanks tipster!)

  • adam

    You mean December

  • malek

    November or December

  • Guri

    you mean December 14 NOT Nov 14

  • rama

    November 14 or December 14??
    I think mobile syrup reporters need vacation…lol

  • Ian Hardy

    Whoops, was dreaming it was a month ago as originally expected… changed.

  • AL

    Due to the popularity of the device there will be limited quantities? I am a bit surprised by that to be honest, I did not know there was that much demand for Windows Phone 8.

  • DMan

    Huge demand, no. But they are an easy sell to people who aren’t looking apps upon apps upon apps mess that is iOS, or the way-too-many-choices-and-options on android. Good option for people who just want email, check their bank balance and text their grand kids. Of the OSs, Windows 7-8 is the easiest to pick up and use. Plus. Apple’s market-the-hell-to-make-it-popular is working, and all I see is windows commercials these days! There will no doubt be some people wanting these because of that.

    • Graeme O’Brien

      I’ve got to say, I am a power user and I like to use the OS. you know what I like most.. no crashes! Plus the OS is so functional that there is no need for me to install modified roms. nor is there a need for crazy UI overhauls.

      I will admit there are some things I miss from android, but the amazing day to day usability of windows phone far out weighs the super customizability of android.

  • Alen

    “Due to the popularity ”
    lol…bull$hit. Believe me I want WinPhone to succeed but I don’t see any traction with this just like WinPhone7. Windows 8 isn’t seriously being considered and their tablet is a fail. MS needs to figure something else out and before we get fanboys and girls here just remember – everyone already got the OMG super amazing Nokia 920 right?…right?

    • Steve

      No, everyone doesn’t have the 920 yet, it’s only available on 1 carrier in Canada so far. I’d have 2 in myhouse if I could. As it is, my carrier will onlyhave the ATIV S for who knows how long. They only had the LG Quantum and later the Radar for WP7’s so their selecion is piss poor. They have 10 different Blackberries but 1 or 2 Winphones at most? Ridiculous.

  • oldschool

    What a disaster of a launch, not just for this phone, but for Windows 8 in general. Sadly, I see this platform in a very distant 4th place behind BB10 in 2013. Shame, because it’s got endless potential, just godawful marketing.

  • Paul Adare

    My comment seems to have been deleted and I have no idea why.

    • Groofin

      Probably because you touch yourself at night.

  • LJC

    If I had been exposed to the type of EXTREMELY unprofessional handling of the ATIV S Phone before I had purchased any of the other 15 Samsung products that I own. I would NEVER have had any faith in the Samsung Brand and would not own any of them.
    Samsung …… If you are listening….. or reading.

    “Marketing” is Everything You say & Everything You Do !! It’s either GOOD or BAD! I don’t know who is in charge of hiring in the Samsung marketing department but who ever hired You, should be fired.

    • Graeme O’Brien

      umm why so angry?

  • nathan

    I don’t understand what is good about this phone.

  • ToxicTaZ

    This phone is so awesome!…..goto a store and try WP8 and you will see how smooth and fast the OS is!

    I’m upgrading my 3 year old LG IQ “WM6.5” to Samsung ATIV S “WP8” 🙂

    ATIV S is my next phone! 🙂

  • Ashley

    Do we know if it will be coming to other retailers, like Best Buy Mobile?

  • Graeme

    apparently telus is happy to rip off customers with a $50 dollar premium on the ATIV S vs anyone one else.