Google removes Nexus 4 factory images from servers, is LTE about to be nixed?


  • TP

    are we talking about a device that exists in virtual reality?

  • narci

    umm..LTE only works in Canada.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency of the United States government.

    The FCC’s mandated jurisdiction covers the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions.

    • Andrew

      Well, while it seems to be impossible to find, there is SOME Band 4 LTE in very few places in the States. That means that Google is liable to sanctions from the FCC.

    • andy c

      @ narci

      Andrew is probably right. once people realized ATT had very limited LTE coverage on band 4 the FCC had to step in.

      sucks for us in Canada if this is true.

    • Adrian

      Andrew is totally correct! From what I hear the major area with class 4 at&t lte is Boston and Detroit. But again its very scattered are hard to find but they are still legally responsible i guess…. 🙁

  • Arthur

    I find Nexus 4 as a great device. Yes it has some problems. But $309 for a quad core phone is a great value. In my view this phone is great. I was slightly disappointed by Nexus 2 and Nexus 3. But Nexus 4 continues Nexus 1’s legacy.

  • Jeff

    i just want my nexus 4, i don’t care about what’s online or not

    nor do i, in the end, care if lte works or not…people ordered the phone with the mindset that you didn’t have lte anyway…so if we do get it working, it’s a bonus…if not, we just get what we paid for (which is a lot of bang for our buck)

    i emailed google last week about when should i expect my nexus 4…they said it should arrive at the latest, dec 19th

    I ordered mine at 4:03pm on dec 3rd…where it said 1-2 weeks delivery on both the website and in my confirmation email

    just fyi for anyone in the same both as i am

    • Marz

      You’re a step ahead of me. I ordered morning of Nov 13th. I call Google once a week to see if they will ever manage to figure out where my phone is. So far, no joy. I already purchased and received a One X+ off of eBay. Pretty sad when a Texan eBay seller has quicker and better customer service than Google.

    • Michel

      I am in the same boat. Ordered Dec 3rd, 1-2 week expected delivery which they now say is Dec. 19.

    • Andre

      I ordered mine December 3 and then Google cancelled the order claiming my address as a P.O. box, which it’s not. Round and round with their phone and email support led to them acknowledging it’s a glitch, but they can’t do anything about it. Their system screwed up, yet they’re not willing to make it right by uncalling the order and adding me the queue for shipping.

      Google has proven themselves to be incapable of handling physical item sales & shipping.

  • shahidusman

    why add a LTE radio if the phone is not to be used to access LTE networks??

  • Code

    They didn’t add the LTE radio, it was on the mainboard from the LG Optimus G which was used as the starting point for the Nexus 4.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

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    The thing is, I dont have a son.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    What a phone, what a phone! Was the most inticipated and still the most talked about with reason! I wonder how many they have sold so far… can’t wait to get mine, this 7 – 8 weeks is going to be a long one….

  • Xanth18

    “The Nexus 4 launch has been fraught with stock problems, quality control issues and bugs”

    And THAT is why you don’t use an inferior electronics company to design your top phone! I hope you learned something from this mess, Google!!

    I WILL NEVER BUY AN LG PRODUCT AGAIN. Anything that company makes is a piece of garbage.

    • guy

      -most of the bugs are software related
      -stock was controlled by google not LG

      While I wouldnt like an LG phone Google needs to spread the nexus love around a bit. Samsung has had it fair share of phones and already own too much of the high end android market. I cant wait to hopefully see another HTC nexus.

  • AA

    whats your problem ^^^

  • H

    LTE must also be approved under Industry Canada, which is pretty much the same as the FCC in the United States. Industry Canada take much of the findings and research from the FCC and apply to Canada. Hence why it must pass FCC, they are the standard.

  • Happy4N4

    I made my order on Dec 3rd at 3:03pm. Was given estimated 1-2 weeks delivery.
    Just checked my CC now and …. they charged my card!!!!!
    Hoping that means they have started the shipping process!!!!

  • Django

    Just like they stole land from the Indians??? Oh wait that was….

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    haaa, SUCK IT Nexus 4 owners. bunch of r*****s you people are, supporting a stupidly designed phone by Google and LG. who in his right mind would put a glass plate on the back of a phone? what happened to reason? at what stage did they think that putting a glass plate is a great idea, no one should drop their phones therefore it is a good idea. in that case, rip off all the air bags and doors from your cars and replace them with nylon bags, cause you are not supposed to get into an accident! MORONS

    • Dirk

      @ a*s back: Go back to playing with your fart apps on your iPhone 3…

  • Joe

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