Samsung’s phone stress test includes button mashing and phone sitting (video)

Daniel Bader

November 26, 2012 9:29pm

It’s well known that phone manufacturers thoroughly stress test their various devices before releasing them to the public. In Samsung’s case, building over 50 million smartphones every quarter stresses not only its supply chain but its facilities.

Nevertheless, the Korean company adroitly utilizes various methods of securing you the most robust handset available including, but not limited to, building a jean-clad rear end in order to fake the time-honoured “sitting on your phone” scenario.

The company mashes buttons, pours water over screens, and generally contrives every conceivable way in which one could damage his or her phone. And while, as we know, things get dropped, sat on and smashed, phones these days are a lot more hardy than they were just a few years ago — it’s usage that’s grown exponentially.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow
Via: Engadget

  • CJoker

    That’s great and all, but…Does it blend?

  • Oscar

    Wow, pretty tough for something made of plastic. I actually do feel more secure with my S3 now LOL

  • Brad F(anboy)

    **Do not try this at home.

  • Chris

    And yet the Nexus S had a ton of everything button problems… Sorry samsung I don’t trust your build quality anymore after this.


    RIM is doing a lot more testing, that’s why it takes so much time for them to release shitberry 10.

  • SAM

    you testing it wrong

  • Zeake

    Wonder what Apple does before shipping their phones to their beloved customers?

    • TNSF

      Apple uses the “lose the phone in a bar” test.

  • mattprime86



    Hmm like how they threw in the galaxy rugby lte at the end lol.

  • Horg

    @Zeake Apple used to be rock solid on their testing but with all the issues they’ve been having over the past 3 releases, it’s safe to say they are finally a big company and have to deal with big company problems. Like rushed designs and average quality hardware.

  • drone

    The Nexus S is plagued with issues. Hopefully things are different with the Nexus 4.

    • jack

      never had a problem with my nexus S, maybe……….. “you’re using it wrong”? 😉

  • Ehau

    I hope the quality is better now, on the S2 (i9100) they had a terrible home button issue. I got the Note 10.1 Recently, the build quality is horrid though.