International LG Optimus G gets bootloader unlock tool, Canadians next on the list

Daniel Bader

November 19, 2012 11:02am

The LG Optimus G is the carrier-locked sibling to the developer-friendly Nexus 4. While we loved the device for its sleek glass finish and excellent performance, we were equally perturbed by LG’s insistance on a locked bootloader. Since it has largely the same hardware as the Nexus 4, it would be a prime candidate for custom ROM lovers everywhere.

Turns out, the developer community intended to fight back against LG’s closed door. XDA-Developer thecubed announced Project FreeGee today, a tool to unlock the bootloader of the Optimus G. While it currently only works for Korean and American versions of the device, the developer says that Canadians are next on the list for the bootloader unlock treatment.

And what can you do with such an unlock? “Install whatever you want,” he says, including versions of Android 4.2 meant for the Nexus 4. “This phone is essentially a Nexus 4, with minor differences in GPIOs, memory address space, and partition table layouts. Kernel source is iffy, since we’ve got Eco mode and a few other things that actually make me like the Optimus kernel more than the Nexus kernel.”

In other words, it may take some time, but developers should be able to mimic the Nexus 4 experience on the Optimus G.

To keep in the loop about this, head to XDA-Developers.

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  • lukeiphone


  • 2c

    is RIM dead yet?



    • some guy

      Why are you yelling?

  • Jessy

    Oh, great. The LG could becore more popular with this.

  • Jimbo

    The phone is quite a bit pricier, but with sd card and LTE and now a unlocked bootloader, this is going to be my new phone. I will cancel my in limbo Nexus order.

  • Bob

    Heh, LG… never again.

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    Or you could just be a Nexus 4 for half the price and have an unlocked bootloader by default.

    Just sayin…

  • Mike

    The LG Optimus G doesn’t have a sd card slot. I got the phone last week and it’s very slick that’s for sure. TELUS LTE speeds in downtown Vancouver are just under 50Mbs down and about 20Mbs up.

    Battery life is on par with the iPhone 5 translation=it sucks with charging during the day a must.

    Screen is beautiful and is right beside the HOx for sure.

    Missing a much needed bumper as this thing is slippery and destined to meet concrete one day.

    Looking forward to cracking open the ROM’s.

  • Ian

    I upgraded to this phone despite all the naysayers about LG and have not been disappointed with the Optimus G. Had the North American Samsung Galaxy S 3 been quadcore, it might have been my first choice, but it was not. The Galaxy Note 2 is in my opinion too big for daily phone use but an amazing phablet. The screen on the LG Optimus G is fantastic and the camera is not as bad as people say. Coming from a Blackberry Curve, this is a massive upgrade!

  • Dalex

    With an unlocked bootloader and after flashing an AOSP rom you could say you have a Nexus 4 with LTE :P.

  • L

    Korean version hasn’t been bootloader unlocked yet. AT&T and Sprint have though.

  • Kaik541

    Your reporting is bad and you should feel bad. A) You only link to the bootloader unlock for the AT&T version–completely skipping the Sprint version which is *different*. B) It doesn’t work on the Korean version, I have no idea where you get that from. Thankfully the script is smart enough to prevent a user from damaging their phone by doing what you’re suggesting.