Samsung ATIV S will retail for $600 outright in Canada


  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    600? Wow how generous of them! why not 650? 649.99? What a deal lmao. Not!



  • caribouroader

    Then don’t buy it!

  • gnote

    reverse of life???

  • Ron Mexico

    ” Samsung says the ATIV name stems from the word VITA, but reversed and means “Life” in Latin”

    So the “ATIV” is life in reverse? LMAO

  • Rob

    So ATIV means death?

  • tony

    why add that stupid “s” at the end of the name. blame apple and samsung for copying them.

  • General Gustov

    Hmmmmm, 600 $ for a windows8 phone or a NEXUS 4 16gb for 350 $ im leaning towards the NEXUS 4 now as much as I liked the windows8 it just cant beat the NEXUS 4 , sorry MS

  • Dalex

    A bit expensive, but then again besides the N4, all phones bought outright are expensive. On top of that, there isn’t much incentive to buy it outright unless your are in the middle of a contract and you must have the latest toy.

    The only phone I’ve bought outright is the Galaxy S2, but that was because it was head and shoulders above anything else at the time. This Ativ S doesn’t offer much that the 8X or Lumia 920 offer. The Micro SD and removable battery are outweighed by that blue tinted, eye destroying Pentile display and horribly tacky shiny plastic. I’m ok with plastic, but when it tries to look like aluminium, you are doing it wrong.

  • Bouffard

    Canadian plans are so horrible as well. So there is no real worth in waiting 3 years to get a phone for 249. I mean 3years is a long time. Most Americans its 22 months. And they get 300 off a phone. 🙁 I want unlimited talk text and web for 69.99 and i wouldn’t mind paying outright.

  • ile2010

    Happy with my Lumia 810 that I bought unlocked for 475.

    The ATIV is in my opinion the undisputed champion of ugly phones.

    • ile2010

      Edit: Samsung is the champion, not the ATIV. My bad.

  • Al

    So the 8x goes for $99.00 (3yr term) at, but $129.00 at the Source? So maybe the Ativ will also be $99.00 when it finally pops up on

  • Pssst

    Windows Phone 8 devices have been available since the beginning of the month and users are starting to report early issues across HTC and Nokia handsets. In a thread over at WPCentral with 143 replies, a variety of HTC 8X users report that handsets randomly reboot while in use. A thread on Microsoft’s own support forums has also gained 50 replies complaining about the issues. The Verge can confirm that an 8X we are testing has rebooted on more than one occasion.

    Nokia Lumia 920 users are also reporting random reboots and freezes, with some complaining of poor battery life too. In a thread on Nokia’s support forums, a number of users appear to be complaining of lock ups and resets with the Lumia 920. Battery life issues have led to some users wiping their devices in hope of a quick fix, unfortunately that seems to have resulted in some devices left stuck on a Nokia splash screen. In our own experience with several Windows Phone 8 devices, we’ve found that disabling the tap + send (NFC) feature results in improved battery life. We have reached out to Microsoft, HTC, and Nokia to discuss the issues and we’ll update you accordingly

    Why does MS hide this relevant information, it’s almost like MS owns them

    • ile2010

      The information you’ve supplied doesn’t seem all that relevant to most people. 143 replies? Wow! How many USERS are reporting the bug?

      My Galaxy Nexus randomly rebooted yesterday, as have a number of my Android phones. I haven’t really seen MS report on this either – perhaps Google and Microsoft share ownership?

      And as for battery life, I can’t think of a single smartphone other than the Razr MAXX that didn’t get slammed about its battery life.

  • Warren

    I’d like to point out 2 things…

    1. I like how the Source got the OS wrong with the Ice Cream Sandwich logo. The HTC 8X ad beside it called it the “Windows Phone 8X by HTC”, which isn’t entirely wrong but still inaccurate.

    2. When Apple has a problem with their OS, first they refuse to admit it and remove as many complaints as possible, then they quietly release an update and try to make us believe nothing was ever wrong. At least MS is allowing discussion.