Samsung Galaxy Ace II x arrives at Bell locations, priced at $249.95 outright


  • TP

    4″ 480×800, 1GHz single core, 5MP camera, 1500mAh battery…..I guess there are still parts left after Nexus S ended its life.

    • MSNotWorking

      Koodo has it for $199
      $49 + $150 Tab. (On Futureshop)
      Koodo will release it on its website at the end of the week.

      Same price as the HTC One V from Koodo.
      With 50% more RAM, and Dual Core 800Mhz; vs a single core 1GHz.

      The Ace 2@$200 is a good phone, only trumped by the oldie but goodee Samsung Galaxy S2 from Virgin for $29 + $150 tab.

    • ehoustoun

      @MSNotWorking Virgin sells the GS2 for 399.99 so it’s 29.95 + 370 on supertab not 150. Not really a better deal, if anything the nexus 4 is better bang for buck if you can get your hands on one.

    • General Gustov

      You can get the NEXUS 4 on ebay if you want to pay double then what google play store is offering , but best to wait until they get more stock in , in a few more days .

    • FS

      at $200 is a tad better than the $200 HTC one V from Koodo, but still more expensive than the S2 from Virgin and the S2X from Koodo.

      At the $250 price from Bell I would simply get the N4.

      The N4 is DESTrOYING all the price segments…Back in stock in two weeks!

  • Azzo

    For a Prepaid phone why the heck not?

  • Joey

    Lol for an extra 50 bucks just get the nexus 4. It’s obviously a better deal

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Nexus S, is that you?!?

  • R.Dot

    Not everyone needs a quad core processor, or a 5″+ display. Good price for an entry level Android smartphone.

    • Dalex

      It seems that way, but as mentioned above its only 50$ more for a top of the line Android phone with the very latest version of Android, a HD display and S4 Pro (read: quad core near A15 level SoC). 50$ for a serve that comes unlocked out the box and works with 95% of Mobile Networks in the world is a no brainer.

  • Scott

    This has basically the same specs as my 2-year-old Galaxy Captivate, but it’s half the price… amazing how fast this industry moves.

  • jess

    2010 wants it phone back

    • Brad F(anboy)

      At least it’s better than the L3.

  • Jim R

    Although info is conflicting, it seems to be a 3.8″ display (not 4).

  • Cavemeron

    I suppose Samsung crossed out the words galaxy s and instead wrote galaxy ace ii x on all of the boxes

  • Gideon

    What OS does it come with?

  • Simble

    2 bloody years later and they release the OG galaxy s again for half the price

  • Dennis Leboeuf

    Galaxy S3 mini for Canada