Google now allows Google+ users to push app downloads to Android devices

Daniel Bader

November 14, 2012 2:12pm

Are you an Android user who dabbles in Google+? Then you’ll appreciate this new feature that Google turned on recently which allows users to push Android app installs straight from the stream to their phones. It’s a pretty cool way to try out apps that have been recommended by users in your circles without leaving the page.

Google+ arguably attracts more Android users than any other platform, as the social network is integrated (and preinstalled) on Android in many cases. As the number of Android apps grows, and the difficulty of finding good ones increases, it’s important that Google implements features into Google+ to make discovery — and acquisition — easier on the user.

Now, when you click on the “Install” button in the Google+ feed, it will pop up a list of compatible devices associated with your Google account and allow you to push it to your phone. Simple and easy.

If you want to give it a try, head to Google+ and paste the link of an Android app into your status box.

Source: Google Plus
Via: TheNextWeb

  • Brad F(anboy)


    Can I be any more annoying?

    • Hilman

      Yes, you could have said is this BB10 lol.

      Nice addition to Google+, I love pushing app installs to any of my devices from a desktop.

  • Marc

    Nice…hate to admit it but I’m slowly starting to like Google + more and more. Especially for content discovery.

  • JV

    if you were a isheep you could

  • Brad F(anboy)


    Is this BB10?

    Can I use iTunes to transfer paid for music and apps to it?

    Does it come it white?

    LOL.. back to trolling.

  • Gut Rumble

    I absolutely deplore Google+. When I first updated my Nexus S to Jelly Bean it showed its ugly face. Every time I was on the phone check Youtube or my Gmail, up comes an update about some bozo I don’t know or wish to know about. I don’t want Google+ nor do I want its updates forced down my throat. I eventually figured out to uninstall the updates to that program and then ‘disable’ it in settings. Same with on Gmail. Delete all those self-important morons from facebook and twitter. Costs me data and I’m the one paying for it. Love Android, love my Nexus S and Galaxy SIII both stock. And even enjoy my gmail, just give up an opt out for Google+ Please….former iPhone owner.

  • omkara

    Google employees will be thrilled to hear that news!

  • TZM

    Google+ is awesome. I use it way more then Facebook. I really like how Google is integrating it into their OS and devices. Well done!

  • Turbofour

    I love G+ much more than FB. FB is so damn slow and there’s never anything good that is posted other than people complaining all the time about dumb stuff! At least on G+ I’m able to find good articles for things that interest me unlike FB.