Wind launching the Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL tomorrow, $499 outright


  • Brad F(anboy)


  • Alex

    Second!!’1 But what about RIM?

    • 2c

      nexus branding will get them some sales for sure.

  • TP

    But Google has N……..never mind, you guys know what I am going to say.

  • new_tradition

    And odds are, it’ll only be available to new customers :/

    • in Calgary

      I’m hating that stuff. I don’t mind if they sell “only on tab” and you have to first pay off an existing tab, but the “new customer” appproach needs to die.

  • Munir

    499$ outright and 350$ on 25$ 3 year term? Wind seems to be greedy…

    • jPhoneUser

      3 yr term ? 150$ on tab.
      10% of 25$ will be 2.5$ = 2.5*36 = 90. So you have to pay 60$ after the 3 yr time.

      So this is actually a 90$ discount if u stick with them for 3 yrs with the same phone.

      This is exactly why tabs are bad compared to terms.

      Btw, 25$ for unlimited local talk ,text and 100mb data is pretty sweet.

    • commonsense

      Wind has a 3 year pay off promise. Regardless of what is left on the tab after 3 years, Wind will clear the balance.

      This is why a tab is better than a term.

      End of the day, you either pay upfront, or in the back end for you phone, you choose.

  • All I do is Wind!

    I’ll wait for the Nexus 4

    • Pat

      You are patient…

    • Waiting Master Failure

      Yeah, good luck waiting for a Nexus 4. It’ll be sold out well into next year. Possibly until March or later even, ROFL.

  • Cyrano

    i thought they waive whatever left on tab after 3 yrs, no?

  • 9rage7

    no mr jphoneuser, after 3 yrs, any remaining balance on a windtab gets wiped out

    • jPhoneUser

      yeo sorry. forgot. i believe only wind does that.

    • in Calgary

      Which is why they’ve implemente this 3 stage phone release: (1) new customers (2) on tab (3) full purchase.

      (1) New customers – pushes back the tech by a couple months for existing clients, making the phone outdate sooner

      (2) On tab – stage two is only selling on tab. The most important stage – it forces anybody with an existing tab to pay it off, reducing the number of people who will make it to three years on a tab. Therefore, the full Wind price minus the 10% monthly off. If we are confirmed that Wind charges more for a phone (they appear to do so) – say by $50 – then the first year tab right off is free to them.

      (3) full Wind price

  • Stay Away

    Reminder, don’t support the Red Communists.
    Huawei is a company controlled by the state of China. Stay far away and be careful.
    I am aware Huawei infrastructure is already in use.

    • jussayin

      So you mean we should stay away from pretty much all smartphones ,since most are made there .

    • hoo dat

      The CIA and NSA failed to link Huawei to the Chinese government in any capacity. If the NSA can’t find a link, expecially when it’s been told to find one, there is no link.

    • Stay Away

      FALSE. The CIA, NSA both warned of Huawei’s links to the Chinese Government, and its potential disruption to infrastructure of American or the West’s companies. Both in eventual war and spying of OUR Western interests.
      Please read more than Chinese propoganda.
      You are in Canada now.

    • PRO-CAN-A-DA !!!

      The Communists of China should not be supported any more.
      No to Chinese Government buying Canadian companies, and definitely NO to Chinese hardware that can spy on our Home and Native Land!
      You are in our country now, if Canada is your new home, than you should help protect us, not them!
      Long Live Canada!

  • Rich

    Guys check out my new hawaii…hooahway…hewaye… err my phone 😀

  • Mike

    DOA!!!!!!!!!!! NEXUS 4 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!…. if you could get one…

  • Jorge Vargas

    Yikes…$499 outright!
    Better wait for Nexus 4…just be patient, good things come to those whom wait patiently.
    N4 is much cheaper and better hardware, most importantly CHEAPER too!
    Plus, the quality should be better too!
    Oh yeah, straight updates from Google…it’s gonna be at least 1 yr before huawei updates this phone!

  • CDN5ABi

    Nexus 4 officially made this phone irrelevant.

  • Is This Bb10?

    The problem with Android isn’t that there are too few phones to choose from, it’s that there is no choice to be made. Google doesn’t know how to make an OS, and all the phones are identical grey bricks. Name one big organization that runs Chrome OS.

    Ditto for Apple, they don’t know how to make Apps and you can only choose black or white for the iPhone. Safari is only 9 years old, compared to IE which created the internet in 1995. Apple just doesn’t have the pedigree, look at Apple Maps.

    Blackberry, everyone knows they are bankrupt and BB10 is vaporware. There is nothing like it out there because they have nothing like it inside their HQ either. They’re just pretending so they can cash in a few more paychecks before everyone finds out.

    WIND needs to get some more Windows Phones if they want to grow because that’s all anyone is buying today, maybe there will be a second or third choice in a couple years when Amazon or Facebook enters the ring but people have been dying to get ahold of killer apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Those are the best selling programs ever made and they’re driving WP like a tsunami over top of a stupid Chinese Android disposable phone.

    • Its Me!

      When Microsoft can create a operating system that works properly maybe then i will think about getting a phone with windblows on it.
      Im not a apple or android fanboy but if they cannot ever get the pc operating system to work properly i have zero interest in a phone by them.

    • Jorge Vargas

      I have to disagree with using outlook, MS Office suites in 3-5 inch screen phones w/o physical keyboard…even with physical one, it’s very cumbersome to edit MS Office files with that set up.

      Ultrabook or Surface or tablets are more proper for editing MS Office files.

      Plus not everybody can afford to spend $300+ for phones, most of people who only use phones to make phone calls, occasional web browsing, and GPS usage, the cheap android phones are more than suffice.

    • Crocography

      I want more Windows phones as well! I am already set to defect from Rogers and I want a great phone to start me off at Wind.

  • hoo dat

    How many of those who are enthusiastically batting for Google’s Nexus 4 were the same people swearing they’d never do business with LG ever again after OS update and QC issues? I’m betting it’s a larger number than people let on.

    • Its Me!

      im one

    • Fifth Place

      LG or not, the phone is way too big!

    • Jorge Vargas

      Well now it’s under Google umbrella, people are more confident the Android will stay current.

      People who bought phones from other brands should by now understand, MFG will not constantly update their phones S/W…to expensive to support so many products when they are releasing numerous products in a year…with different H/W and specs and what not. Most users will not care which version of Android are running on their phones. As long as they can make phone & receive calls.

      If you want the latest Android on your phone, get Google’s phones and learn to root it, so you can stay current with the latest Android to your hearts content.

    • Scott

      Well since it’s a Nexus phone, that would seem to take care of the issue with software updates. Not sure what to say about quality control, I guess time will tell on that one.

  • Bruce

    The Best value would be the Nexus 4 on Wind. The Nexus is good but not great as is Wind.

    Wind does not care for you after you have become a customer… You have been worned.

  • Scott

    Does anybody know if this phone will be locked to Wind?

    • in Calgary

      They always lock. After a few months Wind will give you an unlock code for free.

    • Scott


    • it hasn’t been free for a long time

      it’s $10 for the unlock code after 6 months….

  • Miknitro

    I think I will,…. Pass on this phone.

    • Aregularh0mo

      Passing wind? ha~

  • Stay Away

    Communist Sympathizers or just give me a cheap product? At what point do we stop Red China infiltrating us even more?

    Say NO to China!

  • China NO

    We shouldn’t support Chinese companies who want to do harm to Canada.
    Proud Canadian.

    • Oh boy…

      98% of sh*t in your house has been either fully or partially assembled in China, or assembled from parts that were made in China. As a “proud Canadian” you are paying thousands of dollars a year to the Chinese.

      Wake up, and smell your Chinese green tea – China is the biggest producer of goods in the world, by far, and your house is FULL of them!

  • Stay Away

    Nope. We stay clear of cheap Chinese sheeet and garbage. Antique it all the way!

    Made in CAN-A-DA, Baby!

    You enjoy it ’cause you don’t have much money, and you like your rental to look like everyone else’s!

    No originality, go figure.

    Can’t wait until we go to war with them!

  • Mobilicity Bankrupt

    Diplomatic analysts in Beijing said PLA officers and strategists had been scrutinizing the latest hardware used by American and British forces.

    Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) expert Peng Guanqian pointed out that the Iraqi war would provide the Pentagon with “a testing ground for new military equipment and strategies.”

    The Liberation Army Daily last Friday quoted unnamed officers from the Army and the People’s Armed Police as saying the PLA must “quicken the pace of military modernization.”

  • cheenachatze

    It’s a very nice phone. Last year Huawei was a non entity for quality phones. Now they are competing with the very best, and at lower prices. Good for us, the consumers.