Evernote Hello debuts for Android, adds LinkedIn support

Daniel Bader

May 30, 2012 2:04pm

Because I have a bad memory for names, Evernote Hello has become one of my favourite iOS apps. It’s premise is simple: when you meet someone new, you often want to remember them visually, or have some unique attribute to associate them with. “The guy with the blue shirt,” or “the girl who speaks fluent Turkish.”

Evernote Hello is debuting today for Android, and brings with it the same three-pronged approach to remembering people as its iOS counterpart. It also includes LinkedIn integration, a feature yet to be added to the iPhone version. This allows you to find pertinent information on the person you are meeting by entering his or her LinkedIn email address — Evernote does the rest.

You can take a photo of the person, enter relevant details such as where you met, or, if it was during a meeting, find notes written in the main Evernote app about the situation. For example, if you met someone over a business meeting in which you took notes, those will populate in the “Related Notes” field. Very slick. The app also looks great as it incorporates many Holo-esque design features.

Download Evernote Hello for Android, and hit the break for a preview video.

Via: Venturebeat

  • sp

    this is an awesome idea.

    i am great with faces…but names i totally suck at….

    thank you Evernote.

  • doit

    I can hardly imagine a situation, when a person I met once in my life time allowed me to take their picture. It may be useful for people, who does a lot of networking professionally. Other than that – no, thank you. And I usually don’t remember a person if I didn’t want to memorize them in first place.

  • haxor99

    “Oh, nice to meet you. Mind if I take a picture of you so I don’t forget your name?”

    Yeah that’ll work