Lazaridis on RIM’s new BlackBerry 6: “you’re going to see something different”

Kate O'Brien

July 14, 2010 7:36am

Research in Motion held their Annual Meeting of Shareholders yesterday in Waterloo and co-CEO Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis were asked a number of questions about where the company stands in the Smartphone market and what they are doing to compete.

Specifically one of the questions surrounded the hype and lineups that Apple gets when they release a new iPhone and perhaps RIM could borrow what they do. In response Balsillie pointed out to their chief marketing officer Keith Pardy and said “Did you hear that Keith?”. So maybe when the 9800 is released we’ll be seeing a lineup somewhere. Hopefully not just filled with actors.

Also, Lazaridis said that their new OS called BlackBerry 6 has over 15 million lines of software code that’s all put together “in a seamless way… When you pick it up and start using it you’re going to see something different… There has been a lot of thought put into it about how people are going to use it to communicate.”

Earlier this week RIM
gave another sneak peek at the new OS, certainly a difference experience from previous BlackBerry OS updates in the past… but will it be enough?

Via: The Record & CanadianBusiness

  • theninjasquad

    I’m more interested to know if my BB9700 will be eligible for the OS upgrade.

  • Bong Sniffer

    As far as i am concerned…this is not a “Game Changer” its simply a long overdue update..congrats to existing, higher end, BB will get something that makes your device tolerable… but don’t expect to have your jaws dropped.

  • Filip Mares

    I can confirm from a source that the Bold 9700 will not be getting the update. All devices with 512MB will.

  • Mike Rotch

    So any news on when its being released? My bold died yesterday…

  • Kevin

    I actually like this…

  • rm

    looks pretty good… hopefully now rim can make a blackberry that doesnt feel like a smaller version of the 8830 with a new skin for the os and bbm…