Rumour: BlackBerry 9800 to be a Rogers exclusive in Canada?


  • Coldbones

    I pray it ain’t so.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    My understanding is, all new HSPA Blackberries (including this one) will go to all major Canadian carriers. Furthermore, it has the same radio chip as the 9700, which means that it is technically feasible to produce an AWS version (T-Mobile/Wind/Mobilicity).

  • RandyNewbie

    Keywords being “….could be..”. Perhaps Rogers will get it first and then Bell/Telus will offer the phone after a few months.

  • Woke Up Feeling Like P Diddy.

    it may be expensive, but it better run properly on Canada’s most reliable network.. can’t say much for those other guys.

  • Jim Courtney

    There is no technical reason that Bell and Telus could not sell any forthcoming BlackBerry that supports HSPA+. Have a look and you’ll see that they are currently selling the Bold 9000 and 9700 as well as the iPhone 3G S. On the Rogers side note that they have deployed an HSPA+ network upgrade to match the speeds and features Bell and Telus have. HSPA+ is a protocol that will be supported on any rumored 9800 that may come out.

    With the Bell/Telus deployment of their HSPA+ network last fall (in time for the Olympics), Rogers no longer has an exclusive on devices using the HSPA+ protocols. (And Rogers no longer has a roaming exclusive for visitors to Canada to use on their network when they come with any HSPA+ supported phone.)

    What we will eventually see the end of, with the arrival of the rumored 9800 with touchscreen and keyboard, is Bell and Telus selling Storm and any other CDMA-supported phones.

  • BBSync

    I highly doubt that RIM would be stupid enough to let Rogers have an exclusive on their (upcoming) flagship device. The Slider will be RIM’s first real shot at taking on other smartphones like Android or the iPhone.

  • thep

    Blackberry devices are boring.

  • rileyfreeman

    meh. not like it couldnt be unlocked to work just fine at any other carrier.

    i doubt this to be true though. it will likely be exclusive at launch. probably a 1 month exclusive

  • john smith

    sept 11 all carriers are the latest rumours.

  • Coldbones

    September 11? What are they trying to celebrate?

  • Abe Z

    Hahahaha good one Coldbones. =)

  • Chris O

    This might be the final nail in the coffin for Black Berry for me.

    I’m a Telus user, and not switching any time soon. I gave up on Blackberry after trying to use the Storm 1. I very much miss the use of BBerry messenger though, and was looking at the 9800 as a possible return to ‘Berry.

    If it is a Rogers exclusive, even for a short time, then it’s possible the Droid 2 could make its way to Telus before this does. If that’s the case, then I’m dropping my iPhone and migrating to the Droid 2.

    I’m sick of touch screen only devices, they are terrible to type on for me, so my current prospects are the 9800 and the Droid 2.

  • Rob

    Why would they make it exclusive to Rogers and miss out on all that revenue? The reasoning that Bell/Telus already has a RIM touchscreen device makes is irrelevant. This is a first of its kind from RIM, a REAL touchscreen with slide out keyboard. Im sure they’d wanna release that to everyone. I say it’ll goes to every major carrier.

  • john smith

    Hey Chris O,

    From what Ive heard it will be released to ALL carriers. So dont expect it to be exclusive just to Rogers. Though even if it were, doubt it will be hard to get it unlocked.

    The whole reasoning saying Rogers will get this exclusive because they had other BB’s exclusive doesnt make any sense. Rogers had those BB’s exclusive because noone else could use them. Back then Telus and Bell were both CDMA. Expect to see it on all carriers..well not sure about tmobile/Wind/Mobilicity..though we can hope.

  • Cigar Humidors

    It will probably be released to Rogers and after 3-6mo be offered by all carriers. No big deal since many people will wait for the kinks of the new OS to be worked out in the meantime anyways.

  • Lorax

    If you buy unsubsidized phones, why does it matter who gets it “first”? If you buy subsidized phones, which means you’re on a contract, which means you pay far more than the savings of the subsidy over the course of your contract than you would otherwise, which means… well, I don’t know what it means, but I’ll never buy another subsidized phone, so when this is available at third-party stores for $600 or whatever, I’ll buy it, unlock it, and use it on whatever network I please.

  • smoking gun

    I guess none of you know anyone that works at telus. Peeps at telus have already started playing with the 9800 around the office. I’m guessing they don’t have them for no reason 😉

  • Bell Insider

    Bell is also getting it. I saw it on the product road map so this rumor is false

  • ice1124

    That’s good to hear.. I’ve been waiting for the 9800 on Telus for a long time. If they make it exclusive to Robbers, I’m going with the Desire or the iphone 4.

  • Giggy

    I know for a fact this is coming to Telus.. Their PD Managers have seen them already.

  • bc_brad

    to the guy who said blackberry devices are “boring” have you ever used one? I mean a Bold or the older ones when they first came out(not a curve or peral or storm)…I can not understand why someone would use an iPhone. So I guess it’s all personal preference. But, then again, I am not one of the sheep jumping on any iWagons. I had a berry pager in 1999 and never looked back.

  • DRX

    actually, this is coming to bell exclusively, tomorrow… kind of upset about this, i hope my source is wrong

  • ralph

    Don’t care for the phone bell can have it… Rogers is working with RIM to build a phone that can compete with android and iphone.. Your insider tip of the day its all about rogers goal to carry exclusive devices

  • DJM

    Thats a load of BS if I ever saw it…what would be so beneficial to RIM for doing that?