Koodo officially launches BlackBerry Curve 8530

John Connors

May 27, 2010 12:01pm

It took a long time for Koodo Mobile to get their first smartphone, but today is the glorious day and they have released the very affordable Blackberry Curve 8530! This can be yours for $300 or $150 on the Tab and is only available in Silver.

There are 2 BlackBerry Add-on to choose from: Blackberry Social for $10/month that includes Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter etc. And the second is called Blackberry Connect for $25/month that gives you Up to 500MB of Email, Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter etc. Koodo states that Data overage rate is 5¢/MB and a that you’ll need to add one of the BlackBerry Add-ons to the get your BlackBerry activated.

Congrats Koodo… next up HSPA!

More here at Koodo

  • Michael

    It’s about time!!!! But unfortunately it’s a really ugly phone!

  • Mark

    Congrats Koodo, a step in the right direction however could you consider the two data plans as an option? I think at some point you were considering this. I don’t need facebook, and I certainly don’t need to twatter!

  • R. Rep

    I think the second you bring HSPA to Koodo they would need to introduce contracts of some sort, I mean they would have no leverage over you. You be able to take your smartphone anywhere you please as soon as a better deal arises.

    Just my two cents…

  • Candace

    Just bought the phone and am happy with everything but one.
    NO MMS!!!
    I can send photo’s and video’s through sms! This is the oldest thing for phones to do!
    And dont give me the “Blackberry doesnt support it” Cause I know ppl who have them and can send photo’s JUST fine!
    Koodo I’m paying for this option! FIX IT!