Palm Pre: “We certainly want to bring the product to Canada.”


  • Nathan G

    This phone can not come to Canada fast enough. Bell…I'm talking to you, you would make me not regret sticking with you if you launched this phone first…please make me a happy customer!

  • alex

    yeah bell make me too a happy costumer !!!

  • BJK

    If this goes to Bell, (and thus Sasktel), it will be the only phone to truly bring hype to the Sasktel/Bell line.

  • Frederic

    Beleive me, Palm will find a way to screw it all over again.

    Absurd releases date outside the USAis probably part of their next 'screw up' our good ideas plan!

    Sorry but it seems i have loosed faith in them.

  • Brock(*)

    Agreed Frederic. Who else remembers the 1-2 year waits for every new Treo. In fact, it seemed like a pattern that palm would introduce a brand new model exactly at the same time as we were getting the prior version.

  • Michael

    Held a PRE in my hands last night…sweeeet phone.
    It is smaller than I expected.