Palm Pre: “We certainly want to bring the product to Canada.”

John Connors

January 10, 2009 9:00am

palmpreimageProbably one of the most talked about stories at CES 2009 is the possible resurrection of Palm, specifically with the release of their new product called the Palm Pre.  (The other hot topic was the LG 3G Watch Phone)

The Palm Pre looks stellar and design was a key factor in developing this product. It’s a touchscreen with a 3.1-inch (320 x 480) multitouch display (has an accelerometer) with one silver center button at the base… this “gesture” area extends the touchscreen past the actual display screen. In addition, this device has a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out from the phone into portrait orientation.  Other quick features are the 3 megapixel camera with LED flash, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, 8GB of built-in storage, 3.5mm headphone jack. Another highlight is the wireless charger – it’s a first in the industry and it uses inductive technology. Palm has named this the “Touchstone” and will not be included in the box, but sold as an accessory.

In addition, Palm has announced it will have its own Application Store like Apple, Google and RIM called the “App Catalog“.

In regards to when us Canadians will get this new device, the Globe asked Palm Inc. CEO Ed Colligan: “I can’t tell you that exactly. We do have a UMTS version and a CDMA version but either one of those could come to Canada depending on the carrier. Of course we’re talking to [Canadian] carriers. We certainly want to bring the product to Canada.”

What are your thoughts on which Canadian carrier will get this device first?

Sprint is launching this in the US and pricing is looking to be $399 for a late May-June arrival. In Europe, the Palm Pre will come out in July-August and come in around $500-$550.

Here is a 25-minute video of a full overview by Palm VP of Product Design Peter Skillman:


  • Nathan G

    This phone can not come to Canada fast enough. Bell…I'm talking to you, you would make me not regret sticking with you if you launched this phone first…please make me a happy customer!

  • alex

    yeah bell make me too a happy costumer !!!

  • BJK

    If this goes to Bell, (and thus Sasktel), it will be the only phone to truly bring hype to the Sasktel/Bell line.

  • Frederic

    Beleive me, Palm will find a way to screw it all over again.

    Absurd releases date outside the USAis probably part of their next 'screw up' our good ideas plan!

    Sorry but it seems i have loosed faith in them.

  • Brock(*)

    Agreed Frederic. Who else remembers the 1-2 year waits for every new Treo. In fact, it seemed like a pattern that palm would introduce a brand new model exactly at the same time as we were getting the prior version.

  • Michael

    Held a PRE in my hands last night…sweeeet phone.
    It is smaller than I expected.