iPhone App of the Day: True or Lie


Judge Judy will love this new iPhone App!

It’s called “True or Lie” and lets you know if the person your are judging is telling the truth or lying… this screams OJ. It works in some odd fashion by placing the microphone to the person you are questioning and measures their heartbeat. Kind of sounds like the magic 8 ball of lie detectors.

Some of the highlighted features and descriptions are:
– Measurement of the pulse and judgment of lie or truth
– Heartbeat counter
– This application is not for medical treatment. It measures heart rate and judges lie or truth with simple algorithm.
– The accuracy of the results of the measure and the judgment by this application is not guaranteed.
We don’t compensate for the damage or the loss occurred by this application.

It cost $2.99 (USD) and can be purchased here (goes to iTunes)